Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Better late than never

My computer will be turned off tomorrow so I thought that I better post a few pictures until I return, which will hopefully be sooner than later.
We have our house pretty much torn apart. It feels so weird having nothing on the walls. My kids came home from school and it made them sad and they did not want to stay here:( We are extremely lucky to have movers coming in and packing us up. What a great perk! We still haven't heard when they will be unloading all of our belongings in Flagstaff. They say between the 29th and the 2nd. Geesh! So I have to pack suitcases for that.
My parents came to town this past weekend for Camdyn's first birthday and Easter. It is always fun to see them. We had a wonderful Easter. The kids totally enjoyed it all. We went to Amanda and Kevin's for a yummy dinner. Daniel, Chels and Camdyn were there too! Amanda had a cute little egg hunt for the kids. We are so going to miss having family so close to us. Camdyn and Kooper play so well together. So cute to have cousins so close in age.
I was looking through the pictures on my camera and I found a few that could use a post. I didn't do well at taking pictures. I filmed it though. My Dad (thank you) took a few of Easter morning. Why I didn't get a picture of the kids all dressed up in their cute Easter clothes, I still don't know. Next year right?

Kason showing Kooper his new webkinz.
He thought he was so big to get one like the other kids.
The "BIG" Easter egg hunt in our "HUGE backyard!

Kenzi snapped a few silly pictures of Kyron.

Kyron all dressed and ready for church hunting for eggs.

Doesn't she look so cute eating her cereal.

Kooper opening all his eggs.
He thought they were all balls and wanted to just throw them:)

Kooper sneaks in the computer room and tries to be so sneaky before
he gets yanked off of it. Little stink, look at him try to use the mouse.

Another one of Kenzi's pictures.

Kenzi, Mollie and Charlie having a healthy bowl of cheetoes.

Koope falling asleep eating lunch again.
I love it!
Just wanted to share a bunch of random pictures.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moving Party

This past weekend my wonderful friends and family gave us a "moving party."

I snapped a few pictures when I first got there and then forgot until everyone was leaving. Sunee had it at her house. Her house looked amazing. All the food was so delish.
I really wanted to get pictures of everyone who attended and the kids with all their friends but I was too busy to remember. Sorry:)

Thank you SO much to EVERYONE who came and who helped out. We feel so loved and we are going to miss everyone. Towards the end of the party after almost everyone had left except for a few of us, Kooper started throwing a big fit. He was exhausted and wanted to go home and be in his bed. This is him. Notice how I am ignoring him. Amanda took this picture. Anyway we were heading home with Kooper crying (almost asleep), and all the sudden Kason starts crying saying that he doesn't want to move. Then Kyron and Kenzi start crying too. I was cracking up because they were all 4 having a little cry. The older kids were just talking about how they were going to miss their friends and how us moving was happening way faster than they wanted it to. It really was super sad and it even made me tear up. We have all got the best friends here and it is going to be hard to leave.

When we got home Kooper was fast asleep. Kenzi couldn't wait to get into bed. The boys stayedup and we talked about their friends here and how they didn't want to leave them and on and on. It was a great night. The kids didn't want to it ever end. Thanks again to everyone who brought food and helped out. It was perfect. We love you all and we don't want to say goodbye.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The News

I took Kyron, Kason, Kenzi, Kooper and Amanda with me to get my ultrasound. I wasn't going to take the boys
but they begged and begged.
She had a hard time finding just the right shot but finally heard the words...
I really couldn't believe it.
I should have known that since Kenzi prayed for this baby,
that she would get her baby sister.
Kenzi was standing right next to me and when she heard
she just squeezed my arm and smiled the biggest little smile.
She even had little tears in her eyes.
It even made me get some,
just to see the look on her face.
It was so sweet!
The boys were thrilled and were very into the whole thing.
They enjoyed seeing all the pictures
They could actually make them out.
They were all extremely excited and were instantly
on the phone calling everyone!
We are happy and excited that we will be having a sweet little girl.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Finally getting around to this tag...thanks Carol.

If money, time, and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?
I love anywhere there is sunshine and a beach. So I would have to say back to the islands and I wouldn't enjoy it if Luke wasn't right there with me!

When was the last time you cried?

Well lately it seems like I can tear up over anything. I am not very emotional, but being pregnant brings that out in in me. I cried when I found out I was pregnant. I tear up when I think about leaving everyone here. We will be so sad to leave.

5 things you were doing 10 years ago-1998

  1. Getting ready to move to Flagstaff
  2. Pregnant with Kyron and couldn't wait to be a new mom
  3. Turning 19 years old
  4. Celebrating my first anniversary
  5. Worked and managed a restaurant

5 things you were doing 5 years ago-2003

  1. Getting ready to send Luke out to Georgia to the academy for the 1st time (4 months long)
  2. Enjoying my new house that my dad built
  3. Loving being a mom to my three little ones
  4. Busy babysitting and waitress
  5. Was serving as the 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency.

5 things you were doing 1 year ago-2007

  1. Getting ready to send Luke to Georgia for the 2nd time (3 1/2 months)
  2. Trying to sell our house
  3. Went to Vermont and NYC with my Mom, Timmy, Tori and 4 little kids
  4. Serving as the 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency
  5. Busy with 4 little kids and lots of baseball games and practices

7 of your favorite hobbies

  1. kids
  2. reading
  3. sports
  4. crafts
  5. blogging
  6. cleaning
  7. being outside

5 favorite foods

  1. prime rib/steak
  2. Mexican food
  3. chocolate
  4. fruit
  5. a good sandwich

5 places you've been

  1. Virgin Islands
  2. Bahamas
  3. Vermont
  4. California
  5. New York City

5 favorite memories (really hard to choose only a few)

  1. My wedding day. I got married when I was 18 (yikes, I was young). It was the middle of August in Mesa Arizona. Loved every minute of it. Best day of my life!
  2. Going to California every summer to the beach. I love to watch my kids play in the sand and just relax. It really is the most relaxing vacation we go on. It is something I look forward to every summer. (we will have to miss this summer because of the new baby)
  3. When I was young, my family use to do road trips from Arizona all the way to Vermont. We use to drive the whole way and never get a hotel. We slept in the car. All of us! We would do the Mormon trail. It was never fun while we were doing it but I wouldn't trade the memories for anything. We would spend a few weeks out there with my Mom's whole family and then drive home. It was 3 strait days in a car! We were crazy!
  4. Giving birth to all of my babies. Okay maybe not the giving birth part but it is amazing after everyone! You just can't imagine how much you are going to love them until you see and hold them. So sweet!
  5. I L.O.V.E. concerts! Any concert.

I apoligize to those that I am now tagging...

Chelsee, Jennifer, Ashley, Sunee

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun at the park

Thursday morning Chelsee and Camdyn meet us at the Dinosaur Park to feed the ducks and play for awhile. As soon as I mentioned we were going to the park to Kenzi she would not stop asking, "is it time yet?" She was so excited. Kooper was not sure about the hundreds of ducks for a few minutes but then it didn't take him long to start chasing them. We would give him bread to throw to the ducks and he would just eat it. Him and Camdyn both wanted to get into the water. They tried several times to just walk or run right into the ponds.

Kenzi talked Aunt Chelsee into going down the "big slides" with her. They really are big. Aunt Chels is such a great sport because she is the one that is actually a little scared of them:)
Kenzi was posing for pictures all over the park. She wanted to go back to the park again Friday. This time she took Mollie with her. She had alot more fun having a little friend with her.
Camdyn was making friends with everyone in the sandbox. She really enjoyed playing with the sand. Kooper just liked putting it on his shoulders. He would giggle because it was going down his shirt (and who knows what else) and I think it was tickling him.
Kenz sures loves to mother Cami. She hauls her everywhere and Camdyn doesn't seem to mind it too much!
Kenzi is such an animal child. It doesn't matter what kind of animal it is. She would find one that was alone or that wasn't getting any bread and she would make sure that it was taken care of. She is a sweet girl!
I promise that I do watch him all the time. He just fell and scraped his nose so bad. He only cried for a few seconds and then wanted right back down to go down the slide. He is such a tough little dude!

The weather has been beautiful the last few weeks. I hadn't been to that big park in sometime. We usually just walk to the one behind our house. The big park is way funner but we just don't make it there often. I love to go when I have another adult to talk to. If I go alone, I am ready to leave after 20 minutes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kason's journal

Kason comes home from school with a journal at the end of every month. I was reading through his February journal and thought it was so cute and had to share. The spelling is great. It took me a few times to figure out some of them but it is funny!

I am going to move in March. It will be fun. Im moving to Flagstaff. Kyle can visit me wene evre he wants. I am going to Kyle's house for a late over. We will have candy all night and Ice crem. Me and Kyle will throw candy at his sister. We will play webkinz and stroughold. We will rechul (wrestle). We will watch tv for 1 ohur. We will play kickball and play cops and robers. Ill be the cop. Kyle will be the rober. We will lesin (listen) to my name is Jonis and if you want to de stry my sweter (destroy my sweater). We will get a sleeping bag and tudrgin (not sure what that is) down the sters (stairs). We will arm rechul (wrestle). We will have so much fun. On Monday me, Kyron and Kenzi had to do trors (chores). Friday I will pick my friend Andrew up at his dot. He is coming over to play. He is in Mrs. Veldevias class.

Then yesterday was the 100th day of school and this is what he wrote about having $100.

If I had 100 dollars I would buy a privit jet and a lemo that is gold and a state and a rocket and get as much piza as I want. I would go to a baskitball game a football game a baseball game and a hocky game. I would like to go to Hawi and buy a flat skren tv.

I thought this was just so cute and it is funny how little kids think. I love that his teacher has them write in their journal everyday. His handwriting and spelling have improved a ton just from the start of this year. I just love this boy. He cracks us up all the time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A week in review

This past week Luke and I went on our trip to find a house. It was alot of fun to spend time together. The first few days were a little discouraging because we couldn't find anything at all. We finally found a little house to rent and we are hoping to build something sometime. We at least know where we will be living next month. My parents came up for a night and we had a blast with them. It was fun to see them and hang out. We don't get to do that very often by ourselves without the kids. We enjoyed a few movies and lots of good food!

We defiantly could not have made this trip without my mother-in-law, Sandy and sister-in-law Shana. They saved us. The kids totally enjoyed themselves. They got spoiled rotten by Nana. I left my camera with them so that they could take some pictures of what they did.

Kason had his first and last tournament game a week ago. They lost by 2 in overtime. We heard that Kason made the shot to put them into overtime. Probably a good thing we were gone. I would of been the mom in the crowd screaming! He had a blast playing basketball with all of his little buddies. Makes me sad that he won't be playing with them anymore:( Even though I was usually just chasing Kooper around and trying to keep him off the court during the games, I loved watching them play.

Thank you Sandy and Shana for all your help with the kids. You were lifesavers. It was so nice to come home to a clean house and happy kids. I know you are probably tired and worn out but the kids were thrilled to have you here.

The kids had to dress up as their favorite book character. Kenzi was Ariel, Kyron was Tom Brady and Kason was David Ortiz. They went to Walmart and sat in the race car. Kooper wanted to stay in there forever. They went to PPP (Peter Piper Pizza) McDonald's a few times, Ritters and Target! I would say they had a great time!

Here are a few pictures of the bunch!