Thursday, January 31, 2008


We had a WONDERFUL time in California at Disneyland.
More to come on that when I get my pictures on here.
I will elaborate more when I post.

For now I wanted to share that we will be moving to Flagstaff, Az.

We are extremeley excited about this.

It is happining alot faster than I think I am ready for.

I have mixed emotions right now.

Excited to be in a place that we will eventually call forever home.

We will not move again.
Excited to be closer to family and friends.
Very Very sad to be leaving behind wonderful family and friends.
We have been extremely lucky to have a great ward and school.
My kids have the best friends which is always sad to see them leave.
It is hard for me to start over.
Kyron is alot like me and is very nervous.
I don't like to be the "new" family, but it is okay.
Kason and Kenzi are thrilled.
Kason is sad that he won't be baptized here and to leave his friends.
Kenzi thinks that she is going to get a puppy and a bunny
so she is very excited about going.
This is Luke's dream job and he couldn't be more excited.
He has a start date of March 30th so we will be moving sometime in March!
Just wanted to let everyone know what is going on.
We are excited about this new adventure and excited
for what the future will bring us.
I know it isn't time to say goodbye yet,
but we will miss it here and the friendships that we have made.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Memory card

I STILL haven't gone to get a new memory card.
It is driving me crazy.
When I do have the time to go Kooper seems to be taking a nap,
or I am busy just catching up for the day.
So hopefully tomorrow.
I will just have to make the time to go get it.
I will need it for Disneyland anyway.
So that is why there haven't been any posts lately.
But I did come upon these great pictures that I thought I couldn't pass on.
This is a little Hawaiian dress up from Aunt Amanda and Uncle Kevin.
This is from last summer.
Crazy how she has already changed and gotten bigger.
She doesn't look as "round" anymore:)

There isn't much to this outfit is there?

Let's hope that she doesn't want to dress like this when she gets bigger.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Countdown to Disneyland

We are leaving for Disneyland
in one week!
I can't wait to see the look on my kids faces.
They have never been and continue to ask us when we get to go.
We are going to pick them up early from school on Monday
and just drive to California.
We aren't going to tell them anything.
I think that I am more excited then anything.
Luke thinks that I am crazy, and hopes that it is worth the $$.
I know that it will be.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday football

I am sure you know that yesterday was a big football day.
The outcome was a great one for Kyron
and a not so great one for Kason and Luke.
The Patriots won and the Packers lost.
After the Packers lost Luke was sulking and
Kason said, "we should be so happy that they at least made it this far."
Only Kason.
We were hoping that the Superbowl would be between the
Patriots and the Packers.
It would have made for an interesting day in our house.
They got home from church
got all dressed
up and put black paint under their eyes.
I thought it made for a cute picture.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pinewood Derby

This is the one and only picture I got of Kyron at his first Pinewood Derby. My cameras memory card had a blow out after I got my haircut and I haven't got another one yet! So I found my little old camera, ran out the door and the battery only allowed me one shot. At least I got that!
Right after they handed him his kit to build his car he said, "I have to go call Timmy because he is amazing and he will help me build the best car ever!" So during Christmas vacation while in Arizona that is what they did. Poor Timmy spent days helping him. Kason loved it just as much. They would stay up until midnight and get up early to start again. I don't know if they liked building the car or being with Timmy more. They miss him so much and when they see him it is like no one else exists. Thanks Tim for being so wonderful to help him. He didn't win much but he did get the "FASTEST LOOKING CAR" award. Haha! He totally enjoyed it!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Little buds

A little over a week ago we started making Kooper cry through the night and so Kenzi just came in our room during that time. Well I am happy to say that they are now both back in the room and Luke and I are finally sleeping ALONE! First time since he was born.

Crazy... some of you might say but just wait until you have 4 kids and the baby wakes everyone up. You do whatever it takes to keep the other 3 kids happy and sleeping. I swore I would never bring a baby in bed with me and I did for a whole year. He never started out in bed with us just ended up there. Oh, well what can I say. He is the baby and I am just happy that they are both in their room and sleeping ALL night!

I really don't know what to do with all the extra sleep I am getting. I love it!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Drum roll please.....

Okay... So I finally did it! I always say that I am going to but I really did. Look how short I went! The first picture is Kooper in the sink, playing with the water while he got his hair cut. Sunee cut off at least 13 inches of my hair. We got 9 inches to send to "Locks of Love". Yes it made me feel better when I cut it all off that some use would come from it.

I am so NOT photogenic, so this is the best you get! When I first saw Luke he actually liked it. He did say, "thank goodness it'll grow back". hahaha! Kenzi of course loved it. Kyron and Kason not so much. Kyron said "you look weird, will you grow it long again please?" Kason said, "you should definitely keep your sunglasses on". So all my boys are not huge fans, but they'll get use to it. It is fun for a change! I will probably die when I go to wash it and have nothing to wash.

What can I say I have a FABULOUS hair dresser! Thanks Sunee for making my hair so cute! I do love it! What a HUGE change.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Little climber

This is what I've been dealing with lately. He has figured out how to climb chairs and now how to climb on top of the table! He thinks it is so funny! He dances and runs from one end of the table to the other giggling! He thinks he can get off anywhere on the table. Hasn't figured out there isn't always a chair to catch him. He is trying to bite the eraser off the end of the pencil. He is a mess! He wants to be big like the others already. He wants to do homework with them. He's ran them all off because he keeps messing them up! He loves it when I try to get him off the table. He runs and is out of control.

I was too scared to leave him to take pictures so this is the best I could get! He is just so busy! Kenzi wasn't a climber so it has been awhile since I've had one!

Kason doesn't like him up there because it really scares him! He almost always falls. But hasn't yet. Lucky so far.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Love

  • that we go to church at 9am. Now I feel like things aren't so crazy. Kooper is ALOT happier at church and gets a great afternnon nap....and maybe once in awhile I can too.
  • That I've got one sharing time down and only 2 to go. As you can probably tell, this isn't my favorite thing to do. I stress out all week and worry way more than I should.
  • that tomorrow is Monday and that the kids go back to school from a way to long of a track break (7 weeks).
  • that we started (yes again) making Kooper cry through the night. We started Thursday night, and every night has been better since. He is doing so good, better than I thought he would. I don't know what to do with this extra sleep.
  • that we are having red enchiladas for dinner....Yummy
  • that we are going to Disneyland in 3 weeks. I can't wait to see the look on my kids faces because it is a surprise!
  • that most of my friends are blogging. Now I feel like I keep in touch a little better.
  • the feeling of a new year and all the things it promises to bring!
  • to hear my kids giggle and get along. They are doing that right now and it is a nice break from the tattling and fighting that they've been doing the last few days (they are so bored).
  • that as soon as I got done typing that last sentence my boys got into a fight and this is what the outcome was.

I couldn't get a better shot because he was dodging the camera and didn't want his picture taken. He would kill me if he knew this was on here.

Poor Kason! He even started this one and look who's crying.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Getting OLD

Kenzi is always asking tons of questions about being a mom and babies and anything else to do with growing up. Well lately she is concerned about growing up and getting "OLD" like a Grandma. So here was our conversation last night. She is very concerned about having to leave Luke and I. She wants to have a family and still live with us. (I know, enjoy it while she still wants to be around us).

Kenzi: When I have babies you will be a grandma right?
Me: Yup, I sure will
Kenzi: Do you want to grow old and look like an "OLD Grandma?
Me: Yeah, it will be so fun to be a Grandma.
Kenzi: I don't. They just look so old and wrinkly.
Kenzi: I know they do.
Kenzi: So when you grow up and be an "OLD" grandma you will never look like you do right now, right?
Me: That's right.
Kenzi: Well, why do we have to LOOK old?
ME: It's just part of life and getting big.
Kenzi: Oh....

Later her conversation with Amanda

Kenzi: Amanda can I get on your legs and fly like an airplane?
Amanda: Yes, I love you. You are so little. I don't ever want you to grow up and get big.
Kenzi: Well I have to. That's just the part of life.


The best one yet is

Kenzi: How old do I have to be when I can be a Mom?
Luke: 25
Kenzi: okay

A few weeks later...Her and Kyron were in the bathroom brushing their teeth.

Kenzi: Mom, I don't want to be old and be a mom anymore.
Me: Okay that's fine, you don't have to.
Kenzi: K, I will just be 16!!!

Kyron spit his toothpaste and was dying laughing, as was I. Kenzi started crying because she was serious, she didn't know why we were laughing.

Kenzi: Why are you laughing at me?
Kyron: Because you can't have a baby when your 16!
Kenzi: Well I don't want to be old like mom when I have one.
Kyron: Do you even know how old 16 is?
Kenzi: More crying....
Me: Kenzi you will be just fine. Stop worrying about it right now.
Kenzi: Okay

She is just funny how she is all about being a mom and having babies. I'm sure that is how all little girls are, but we get a kick out of her. Let's just all pray that she sticks to the 25 age.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sleepy boy

I went in to take a shower
and left Kyron in charge of watching Kooper for a few minutes.
When I got out of the shower I heard Kyron dying laughing.
I looked around the corner
and he had my camera taking a picture of Kooper.
He just couldn't make it any longer.
It looks like he went to play with some cars and just fell asleep.
I must say that this is a first.
He never falls asleep like this.
So cute!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Last night for New Years we had
Daniel, Chelsee, Camdyn, Amanda, Kevin, Martin, and Ryan
over to play games and have snacks.
They ended up playing guitar hero for a while
and it was very entertaining.
Kooper was so happy to have Camdyn to play with!

The boys didn't really want to take the time for a picture.
Daniel, Chelsee and Camdyn left early to put Camdyn down for bed.
She did so good staying up so late.
Kooper and Kenzi were asleep by 8:30pm.
Kenzi woke up about 11 to throw up and be sick!
(my kids haven't been sick in years..eww)
We played dominoes until midnight.
Kyron and Kason made it all the way to midnight!
We went out side and pulled our little poppers and watched the
I haven't actually made it to midnight in years.
We are boring!
Last night was a fun night!
I am tired today.
Happy New Years to everyone!
Now I need to start my New Years resolution list.