Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Kason woke up and said, "yes I am finally in double digits!"
He wanted to have a family bbq and open presents on his birthday. Then for his friends we took a few of them to the movie (Alice and Wonderland) and had a slumber party. He had a total blast but I hope next year I can pay him to NOT have a party.

He was pretty sure he'd get a 22 for his birthday because Kyron did when he turned 10 but he was extra shocked that he got a case to hold it.

Kason is probably the sweetest kid I know. He is so lovable and loves to gives hugs. I could go on and on about how great I think he is but I will just list 10 simple things about him.

  1. Kason loves to dance and loves music.
  2. He loves to make people laugh.
  3. Loves HOT food. The hotter the better.
  4. All HEART!
  5. Sensitive...biggest crocodile tears ever.
  6. Athletic. He will play any sport. Competitive.
  7. Loves to wear his cowboy boots.
  8. Loyal.
  9. Loooong eyelashes.
  10. Friendly.

Happy 10th birthday Kason! We love you to pieces!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


These two are just crazy little funny kiddos.
She just laughs at whatever he does...good or bad!
The first thing she says when she wakes up is, "where's Pooper?"
and the last thing before she says before she goes to bed is, "where's Pooper."
She is always looking out for him.
She is a little copy cat.
She will play whatever he is.
She laughs at his every move.
She thinks he walks on water.....but
the first thing Kooper says when he wakes up in the morning is
"where's Kals?"
He is constantly taking care of her.
He makes sure she always has a snack.
He will get her a capri sun whenever she asks him.
He makes sure that she is happy.
He hugs her constantly.
He always asks her,"Kals do you love me?"
It is so sweet!
I am so glad these two have each other.
What would they do without one another.
They truly are the best of friends.
(We were making cupcakes for Kason's class....pictures from his birthday still to come)

Monday, April 12, 2010

A very long post

For Spring break this year we were all excited to just get out of town and be together as a family. The kids really wanted to go to the zoo. It has been years since we've been so that's what we did. The weather was perfect and the kids were happy! Kali wanted in every cage and wanted to hold every animal.

We rented a double stroller and it was a good thing. Walking that much gets ya tired after awhile. I think everyone took a turn except Kyron.

Kyron was more excited than ANYONE! He was our tour guide. He had his map and we didn't miss a single animal or bug for that matter. We just followed him around. He has always been very into animals, any kind. He was the only one who wasn't ready to go. He would have gone all day. There were a few animals that were in hiding and that just wasn't a good thing for Kyron. He wanted to go back to those ones and see if they were out yet.

Kooper couldn't believe we were really at a zoo. We'd been talking about going for a long time and he couldn't believe they were real animals. He loved it!

The day before we headed to Phx. my brother Tim and his wife Tori had their sweet baby girl.
It was perfect timing for us, since we were already coming down. This is Mylin. She is the cutest little thing. She has tons of dark hair, beautiful skin, a perfect little face and big dimple. She is perfect. We can't wait to see her again. They just moved to California so we are a little sad:(
Also while we were there....My brother Nate had us meet him at one of his job sights and took us all up in one of the buckets. He works for SRP. The boys were so excited to go. It was really high and a little scary. He just gave us a taste of what he does. He goes 3 times as high as he let us. We were up like 90 feet.

Nate and Kali really like each other. She loves to give him big lip kisses on his mouth and rub his head. We had such a great time. He showed the boys how to do a few things on his work truck and Kason said, "I could totally go work with Uncle Nate now, cuz I know exactly what to do." I have some more pictures of being at Nate's house while we were down for spring break. They will have to be for my next post becasuse this one in on the verge of a book.

I FINALLY got myself a new computer!
I am in Heaven.
I have been busy finishing my family book from 2009.
I'm caught up on 2010.
Feels good.
We had a great weekend.
Cleaned the garage.
We have a big D.I. pile.
Went to the park.
The weather was beautiful.
The boys went horn hunting.
Came up empty handed.
Trying to design our backyard.
Time to landscape.
Very excited about that.

Kenzi had her first softball practice.
Was so nervous.
She loved it.
Kyron starts practice today. Mon-Friday. (yuk)
Kason hasn't been called by his coach yet.
Kason is still doing track though.
Fixing to be busy with lots of games every week.

Luke is out of town again.
I will be glad when this case is over.
He has been super busy.

Kooper discovered his privates.
Our convo went like this,
Him: I think there is something wrong with my pee pee,
Can you take me to take me to the Dr.?
Me: Oh really, well what happened?
Him: I found two balls right here.
Me: Well they are suppose to be there.
Him: Why would there be balls in my pee pee?
Me: There just is. Stop pulling on them so hard.
Him: I am trying to get them out. There are two of them.
Me: Rolling on the ground laughing my head off.
Him: What is wrong with me? Why does it look like this?
Me: Just laughing so hard I couldn't talk.

It has been interesting every time one of my boys has discovered themselves. But it is always funny. Oh little boys!

Kali is as busy as ever.
Every time she hears the door open she yells, "Daddy!"
She always has someone shoes on.
She loves to try and put lids on everything.
She loves to be outside whether it is hot or cold.
Jabbers all day!
She is at the best age ever.
I love my family more everyday.
I love being a Mom!
I get a little sad when they do things that prove they are getting older
Kason going on out of town track trips all by himself.
Kyron figuring out that the Easter bunny and everything else is isn't real.
(I almost cried on that one)
Kenzi asking where babies REALLY come from?
Kooper saying he NEEDS to go to school.
Kali going down the biggest slides at the park all by herself.