Monday, February 22, 2010

Tree climber

Kyron loves to climb! It doesn't matter the object or the weather. He is a monkey and will climb anything anytime! He got clear to the top and missed a branch and slid all the way down on his little rear. It only stopped him for a minute though. He actually got clear to the very very top but I had already put my camera away.

Being the oldest he gets cheated on pictures. He doesn't like me to take them of him anyway. But when I do, I usually get a hand over the face or a look of "why?" He is such a good kid and I am so very proud of him. He has such a soft spot for little babies and kids. He just makes me smile. For Valentines day he once again told everyone that asked him to be their Valentine (I don't ever remember doing anything like that at this age, what the crap) that he was his Mom's Valentine. I just loved that and I hope that it last for a very very long time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Last one

to Potty train! YAY (for me)! She is so ready for this. For the last 3 weeks she hasn't even pooped in her diaper. She always tells me and she goes on the potty! So a week ago I decided that I needed to take advantage of her wanting to do this all by herself. So we started really doing this a week ago. My Mom got her a little princess potty and some little undies. She was excited about that! The only problem is, she is so stinkin' little that her little panties won't stay on her little butt!! I think we are going to have to take them in. I don't see her growing into them anytime soon! She obviously loves the attention she gets from all of us every time she goes. Yes, we do a potty dance and she just stares at us like we are crazy. But she expects it after every time she goes. If we don't do it then she starts it for us. Pretty funny! Last week was hit and miss. She'd have a great day and then a not so good day. Then Sunday was hard because at church I wasn't going to take her to the bathroom every 10 minutes so I put a diaper on her. Usually I would never do that but with her it is different. I don't know if it is because she is the 5th child or if it is because she is my very last BABY ever, but I just didn't think this day would come so soon. I almost didn't want it to. Now this will mean that I no longer have a baby around:( But I am very excited to not have diapers around and to not change another poopy diaper again.

Before I started doing the whole potty training thing she would come out of Kenzi's room like this! Do you think it was a hint or what? Mom, potty train me already!

Right after she got her potty seat she was sitting on it on the toilet and she was goofing around and tried to stand up. Her little seat flipped her right over and she hit her whole face and head on the bath tub! I never knew it could be so dangerous. So lets just say that there is no more standing up on the potty! I am hoping that by the end of next week she will be completely done! We'll see if it really happens like that. I would like to think that it will:) But, I am already getting a little stir crazy not being able to leave the house.....but it will be worth it!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poor Kason

A few weeks ago Kason was standing in the kitchen and I saw blood coming through his white shirt on his back. I asked, "why he was bleeding?" He said, "he didn't know that he was." So when I lifted up his shirt I was surprised to see that he had some sort of rash all over his body. From his head to his calves. He had been itching so bad that he was now bleeding. I gave him benadryl and he was was fine in no time. Well the same thing just kept happening. It was really strange though because he never had it in the morning or during the day at school. It just happened every night around 5 oclock. So every night I would be so saddened by it that I wanted to take him to the Dr. but during business hours he didn't have a sign of a thing on his whole entire body. So I took pictures and after about 8 days of this I finally took him in to the Dr. The Dr. had many questions for Kason. It went something like this....

Dr: Are you stressed about about anything?

Kason: No

Dr: Do you have good friends?

Kason: Yes

Dr: Have you eaten anything different?

Kason: No

Dr: Is anything bothering you at home?

Kason: No

Dr: Is anything bothering you at school?

Kason: No

Dr: Does it ever bother you during the day?

Kason: No

Dr: Do you get good grades?

Kason: Yup just got straight A's on my report card yesterday

Dr: Can I see your back right now?

Kason: Yes, but there is nothing there.

Dr: Are you allergic to anything?

Kason: Yes, bees

So it kind of went on like that for a little bit. It was kinda funny. Kason didn't really even look up. He was a little embarrassed. The Dr. and I talked about foods, laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo and anything else we could think of. I had already thought of EVERYTHING there was to think of. Nothing has changed in our lives or in our family. Kason has always been my kids to eat anything you put in front of him, and I mean ANYTHING! I hadn't changed detergent or soaps. I wash his sheets. He has a lunch from home everyday and then once a week at the school. He has done this since his has been in school. We have a wood fireplace and have had for over a year. So he had been living on bendaryl every night. The Dr. said it was a mystery but from the pictures it definitely looked like a food allergy. He wanted to test him the following Monday. It was a Thursday and he couldn't have bendaryl again until after he was tested. It sometimes messes with the results. It was a miserable weekend for him but like clock work every night he would be covered with a rash that itched him like crazy. I would just rub lotion all over him and that seemed to help.

(these pictures don't even show how bad they really were, this was one of the milder days)

So Monday morning we were in the Dr's office for 3 hours. First they numbed his arms and wrapped them up for an hour. Then the shots began. He got 40 of them. Good thing he had his DS.

After all the testing it came back that he wasn't allergic to one single food. Just as I had thought! So now we can either go do some more intense testing or just try and figure it out on our own. I think that I will just try and figure it out on my own. It is funny though, lately he hasn't hardly had any problems with it. A little, but nothing like it was. We will just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't flare up again. What a mystery though.