Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not sure what happened

to his front tooth! He is so tough and he is always getting hurt by doing things he just isn't quite big enough to do. I went to brush his teeth and found half of his front tooth missing. I asked him what happened and he re-enacted himself hitting his face on the floor. So who knows. I honestly haven't ever seen him cry very many times because he is hurt. He is so tough! Oh' well, I am just glad that it isn't a permanent tooth. He is still as cute as can be. He loves to help bake and it shows all over his sweet little face!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daddy daughter

Kenzi has been waiting for the daughter dance for 3 weeks. It was a cowboy theme so they got dressed up and went dancing. Although she wouldn't dance with him until the very last dance. She had so much fun seeing her friends and having some one on one with her dad. She was all smiles when she got home. I am the Activity Days leader now and so we did a fun and easy little project yesterday. They made these cute little lanterns. The girls thought it was so much fun. In case you ever need something fun for your kids to do here are the instructions.

(These pictures aren't very good. They are much cuter in person)

Start with a pint-size canning jar. Apply with a glue stick to the undersides of 3-4 11-by1/2 in. strips of cotton fabric. Wind 24-gauge wire three times around the neck of the jar, then twist together the wire ends and trim. Cut three 12-inch wire lengths, loop one end of each around the neck wire, and twist to secure them. Thread on beads. Holding the three wires together, slide on a large bead, then twist the wires into a single strand. Wrap the strand around a fat marker (I used my finger) to make a loop, twist the end around the strand and trim. Put flat glass marbles and a tea light in the inside of the jar.

Tip: use an uncooked spaghetti strand as a "match" to light the candle

Hang outside and enjoy!