Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow days...and other

In October the kids went up and got free ski passes at the ski resort here and so for Christmas all they wanted were new skis. So now they go for free anytime they go up. They live for it. Especially Kyron and Kason. We wouldn't turn Kenzi loose like we do the boys. She loves it but only if Luke or I are with her. She especially loves it when her very favorite cousin Harlee gets to go with her. So they went every day during Christmas break and have gone every Saturday since. They love it when it snows because that means good snow at Sunrise. This last week it snowed so much that they had to shut down Sunrise. It finally opened back up Wednesday. My brother Nate brought his kids up and he took Shelbi and Harlee skiing today. Our kids begged to get out of school to go with them. They only had half day of school anyway so Luke took them up. They love when they have someone to ski with.

(my sister in law Jen with her girls Shelbi and Harlee...Jen snowboards like a rock star:))
I took Koop and Kali up just to take a few pictures and Koop just complained about how bright it was outside and that it wasn't fair that he couldn't ski yet. Poor little dude, next year though!
Jett loved every second of it until her toes got cold....not so fun to have cold feet!

Kooper eventually just laid down and then played in the snow for like 2 hours without moving!

Kenzi is getting really good and loves to go clear to the top!

Kyron and Kason love to go down blacks and hit big jumps! They are getting so big! It makes me a little sad. Sometimes we just take them up and drop them off (with a cell phone) and then pick them up at the end of the day.

Last month Kason came home from school and informed us that he would be break dancing at the school program in front of the town! He apparently told his music teacher that he thought it would be a good idea if they added some break dancing at the end of one of the songs they were singing. She agreed! I have to say that I have never laughed so hard. I love that he isn't shy about getting up in front of people and doing crazy things. He just loves to make people laugh!

My Mom was cleaning out her pantry one day and when I didn't hear Kali for a few, this is what I found! She was taking corn starch a just throwing it everywhere and giggling! What I loved the most is that when my Mom saw her all she said was, "wait I need to get my camera to take a picture!" My Mom is the best! She reminds me everyday that things like this are what life is all about. Not a clean house but happy kids that know that they are loved! They definitely know that my Mom loves them (they never get in trouble).

My sister Amanda had her sweet little baby, Jordin Linde. Yes I am very proud that she is named after me! Kali Jett is obsessed with her. She is so sweet and gentle with her...until we try to take Jordin away from her. Then she gets a little rough. She is the cutest little baby!
Kooper loves to pull Kali in this cool little sled. My Dad brought it over and we pulled and pulled them in it!

Kyron has this hat on just about 24 hours a day! It is about to drive me crazy! As soon as he wakes up he puts it on and it doesn't leave his head till his head hits his pillow at night. I will be glad when the weather gets warmer so that he doesn't think he has to have it on all the time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

18 months

(look at her little shiner here)

Kali Jett is 18 months old today! It is so hard to believe that our baby is already this big! She is seriously fun! We hate that she is growing up. It makes us sad, well it makes me and Kyron sad. He doesn't like it when her hair has a braid in it or 2 piggies on the top of her head. He says it makes her look big and he wants her to stay little (aawww). Well here are a few little things about her that we all love.

  • She is obsessed with shoes and jackets. She cries and cries when she has to take them off. She clamps her hands together and won't let us take her jackets off. The first thing she notices on anyone are their shoes. They make her smile so big. She giggles and giggles when she gets to put her shoes on everyday. Sometimes she comes out with a high heel and a boot on or one of Kyron's shoes on and a slipper. She doesn't care what they look like or who's it is. She loves them.

  • She freaks out when she sees little fuzzies on the ground or anywhere. She just screams until you pick it up.
  • She is starting to talk alot. She has such a quiet voice though, it is so sweet.

  • She doesn't think she needs her high chair anymore. She wants to sit at the bar just like the other kids.

  • She loves to take baths and showers.

  • She loves babies. She has learned from Kenzi just how to play with them. She is always wrapping them up in blankets, feeding them bottles and patting their backs.
  • She likes to say pretty and put lip stuff on.

  • She loves to be wherever the kids are.
  • She says Cheese everytime she sees a camera

  • She is a total copy cat.
  • She reads books ALL day!

  • She loves animals and knows every sound of every animal.

  • She already tells me when she poops. I guess it is time to potty train.

  • She is the best sleeper. She sleeps about 12 hours a night and a 3 hour nap everyday.

  • She loves to sing and dance.

  • She gives the best kisses.

  • She loves Pooper (Kooper) Zenzi (Kenzi) Yaya (Kyron) and Zasa (Kason).

  • She only has 6 teeth and weighs 18 pounds.
  • She loves to floss and brush her teeth.

  • She has super cute curly hair (not sure where it all came from).

  • Only movie she will sit and watch (for a few minutes) at all is Shrek. She loves donkey!
  • She loves it when Luke gets home from work. She runs as fast as she can to get to him. She is such a snuggler.
  • She says tickle tickle tickle
We love love love our little bug!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The Boys"

Kooper loves "his boys."
Most of you have heard this story but it is still a good one. So about 6 months ago we heard Kason picking on Kooper. Kooper comes and tells Luke and I that "the boys is picking on him." We had just watched the whole conversation between the two so we looked at each other like who? He pointed to Kason and said, "the boys." We about died! We started realizing that he didn't know "the boys" names. So we started really watching him and asking him their names and he had no idea. He just called them both "the boys." Since Kyron and Kason were both little we have always referred to them as "the boys." Go get the boys, go play with the boys, tell the boys it's time for dinner, see what the boys are doing etc." We had taught Kooper this. So it took us awhile to teach him that they had real names, but he finally got it. For awhile he would say, "the boys Kyron is home, or the boys Kason is outside." It was seriously hilarious! He finally got it but he loves his boys so much. He waits and waits for them to get home everyday. Kyron is constantly listening to his ipod and so Koop loves to just sit and be just like him. Kason lets him play his DS whenever. Even though he seems to loose his pens all the time. They are just so sweet with him. I am glad that he has Kyron and Kason to look up to because they are such good boys. Let's hope it is always like that. He always tells us, "I love my boys." Koop fell asleep playing Kason's DS. Santa would have brought him his own if he'd known he was obsessed with it! He wakes up saying, "where is my DS?"

He fell asleep on Kyron jammin' to the Black eyed peas. Yes they are his favorite...right now.

Kali has started yellin' "boys" and it is so cute. But we have made sure that she knows the difference between them. I actually think that she knew which one was who before Kooper did. So funny!

Monday, January 11, 2010


I am not sure where to start. I have been so out of touch for way too long. I still don't have my computer working correctly and I still can't me upload a single photo but I wanted to at least give a little up date. I like to show photos because it isn't fun to look at a blog without photos but no such luck for me today. We have been busy with

  • school back in session
  • Kyron's guitar lessons
  • Kenzi's piano lessons
  • homework and reports
  • scouts
  • skiing every chance we get (well Luke, Kyron, Kason and Kenzi)
  • enjoying our new house
  • trying to keep up with the busy little Jett
  • enjoying my sweet new niece Jordin
  • talking in church

and all the

  • laundry
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • and the million errands

that go on everyday

I know we have been a lot busier than it sounds. We had a wonderful holiday and we enjoyed seeing lots of family. So until I can share my pictures there really is no point. Hey, at least I was able to update our pictures on my blog.

I will be happy when I either get a new computer or an external hard drive.