Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family pictures 2010

Here's some of our family pictures from this year.
I ALWAYS love to get pictures of my kids and this year was no exception.
I had been preparing them for months that we would be driving
3 hours this year for our pictures.
Only Kyron really complained and even he wasn't too bad.
Even Luke didn't complain.
He knows that pictures are so super important to me and so he just deals.
He is amazing like that.
Anyway we are driving along and from out of nowhere a turkey hits my car!
I say the turkey hit us and not the other way around because it DESTROYED my car!
We didn't even know what hit us at first.
So after driving 3 hours we stopped at a gas station to go
to the bathroom to check out the damage.
It broke my windshield, bumper, fender, and headlight and the piece under me light.
The kids loved all the blood, guts and feathers everywhere. Gross!
I was more focused on getting Kali's hair, after riding in the car for 3 hours with bedhead, fixed!
I plugged in my curling iron in the bathroom!
I got quiet a few strange looks for that.
Oh well, she was going to have cute hair for these pictures!
So my picture trip ended up costing us our $500 deductible.
I was pretty bummed about that part.
Stupid turkey!

The kids all cooperated so perfectly!
Even the boys who are too cool for school were awesome!
I think Koop was a little car sick.
It took him awhile before he smiled.
He said his tummy hurt.
Kali, of course was hard.
She thought running around was a lot more fun!
She was all smiles just on the run!
Kenzi of course loved it!
She is so quiet you almost forget she is around.
She is just too good!
I was more excited to Wendy than anything.
She is one of my very best friends and I miss her daily.
She always takes the best pictures and I love them!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kali went from a carebear to a poodle and then finally decide at the
that she wanted to be a punk rocker just like Kenzi!
Her outfit matches her attitude perfectly!
She sure was cute!

Kooper changed from a bat to spider-man at the last minute too!
I thought he was the perfect spider-man.
You can't see one inch of his skin but the way he walked around in it
without saying a word was so stinkin' cute!

Kyron got invited to a Halloween party and DID NOT want to go (RUDE)!
He didn't really want to go trick-or-treating or anything.
I guess he is feeling his age.
I don't know.
We told him he had to go stack wood if he wasn't going to go.
So he said, "fine, I don't care. I'll stack wood."
After about 45 min of stacking wood he came in and put a mask on and
said, "fine, I'll go!"
So he went and of course he had a total blast.
He didn't stay for the whole thing but just long enough to be supportive.
So here he is in the exact same mask as last year.

Kason was just fine not going also but didn't say a whole lot.
He put the SAME mask on as last year too!
He was happy to help the little kids though.

We had a good day!
The little kids LOVED it!
So with Halloween out of the way, it's almost time for Thanksgiving.
Then it will be Christmas before we know it!