Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reunion weekend

This last weekend we went to a family reunion in New Mexico. It was the first one that they have ever had on Luke's Mom's side. It was a lot of fun to see cousins that we never see and just hang out. They have a pond, so the kids did a lot of fishing, toad/frog hunting, dirt bike riding, 4 wheeler riding and just plain getting so dirty and having fun!

It was 100 degrees everyday and then this one night they had a BIG wind storm that lasted about an hour. It was crazy to see. I felt like we were in Kansas. This picture doesn't show how cool it really was. Glad it was over when it finally was. It was so dirty!

The kids caught a bunch of HUGE bull frogs and then they had a bull frog race. It was pretty funny! I did awful at getting pictures of our weekend because I was so busy chasing Kooper around, but I did get the bull frog race!
Kyron and Kason.
Kyron had 2!

Kenzi helping Kooper hold one.
He wasn't too sure.
I think the only reason she was okay with it is because it was about to die! It had been in the heat for too long and needed water bad!
So it wasn't too wiggly for her to hold:)

A few weeks ago I finished my other bulletin board. I thought that it turned out cute and it will go good with the other one...someday!

Sunday night Kyron lost a tooth! Yippie!

Me and all the kiddos and my big prego belly!
Speaking of that belly...I had an appointment today and I got
the steroid shot and will get the other one tomorrow.
I also had an ultrasound.
Kenzi went with me and was thrilled it is still a girl!
She is measuring small, but that isn't unusual for me.
They are going to do another ultrasound at the next appointment.
Fine with me.
I love to get a peek at her and see how big she is growing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This boy

Loves to swing. He thinks I have nothing better to do than push him all day! Notice how he doesn't care if he has clothes or not! He rather just be naked anyday!
And who doesn't love to lick the beaters! Well he loves it and it shows all over his little face.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Kyron decided that he wanted a Buzz just like Uncle Tim (my brother).
Since he was tiny he has been told that he is a clone of Timmy.
He is very proud of it too! They look so much alike:) This past weekend we got to spend a little time with him and the kids LOVED it! He lives in Utah so we don't get to see him often enough.

After Timmy gave Kyron his buzz, Kyron said you'll have to blog the "new me." We were crackin' up! I think he looks so cute and it is perfect for the summer. Look at those huge muscles (ha)!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lemonade anyone?

The kids decided they wanted a lemonade and cookie stand.
So we set it up in front of my parents house.
They made $8.00.
They decided it wasn't busy enough and called it quits after 3 hours.

Their little friend Keenan came and joined in on the fun!
It at least killed a little time.

Kooper just ate all the cookies and practiced doing flips on a blanket!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The kids found a little water snake and wanted a picture.

Kooper even held it..a little tight!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rodeo weekend

Get ready for ALOT of pictures.
Feel free to skip through but I just had to post
I am a little late on getting these pictures posted.
We put the kids in a little JR. rodeo a few weeks ago.
My Mom has this "mini" horse, that is the sweetest little horse, that Kenzi rode.

Let's just say that poor Kenz had the worst luck.
At rodeo there is a little place where you just walk your horse around until it is your turn.
So my sister-in-law Shana (pregnant) was leading Kenzi on this little horse
when a big horse got wild and ran by Kenzi and Shana and spooked this little horse.
The horse took off, dragging Shana and finally throwing Kenzi off.
Thank goodness she didn't have too far to fall, but STILL!
Then it was her turn to go into the arena and do her events (poles and barrel racing).
Luke was leading her and things were going great.....until
the wind starting blowing (just for a second), and
blew a pole over right when Kenzi, Luke and the little horse were next to it.
It fell over hitting the horse right on the butt.
Of course it freaked the horse out,
bucking Kenzi off.
Poor thing!
Luke kept a hold of the horse, picked Kenzi up and finished the race.
Kenzi was so strong and brave.

You can't tell very good from this picture but her little check was scratched up and bleeding!
Before the rodeo

Kason, Kenzi, Kooper and Kyron

My little cowboys and girl
Kenzi got a new hat and LOVED it!
Kooper wanted a hat bad, so he put both of the boys hats on:)

The boys rode calves for the first time ever.
Kyron wasn't sure about doing it.
Kason of course didn't give it a secong thought.
Kyron and Kason both in the chutes before they rode the calves.

Luke helping the boys get on the calves before they rode.
Kason just getting started.

Kason holding on for a few seconds...before getting bucked off!

This is my favorite picture.
Look at how high the calf is!

This is all we got of Kyron.
He had 2 different calves.
The first one wouldn't go, so when the next one did
we weren't ready with the camera.
Kooper watching with me from the sidelines.

My niece, Camdyn watching all the excitment too!

I had to post this one because I love the look on Kenzi's face.
Luke was loving her right after the big fall.
Camdyn has never ever let Luke hold her.
She is so scared of him, but look!
She climbed right up on his lap.
First time, ever!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

And the winner is....

Kason The last 2 days the boys have been at cub scout day camp.
Today they had a raffle for a new bike.
Kason was picked!
He was so excited and Kyron was so excited for him.
They had a good time.
Kyron said he was a little homesick (of course).
Kason said he wished it never ended.