Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I took the kids and a few of their friends (Bryson, Drew, and Kinnly) along with Cassidi and Braxton to Southfork. The kids had a little picnic, played in the feezing cold water, had pine cone and a grape fight and totally enjoyed thier time in the beautiful weather. The boys don't like to get their pictures and they complain everytime they see me coming with my camera. So I got waaayyy to many of the little kids but lets face it, they are way cuter at that age anyway:)

Kason and Kali
The boys definetley have a soft spot for Kali, especially Kyron. She would rather hang out with him than anyone and I love the pictures I got of the two of them. Here is just one of them.

Kooper thought he needed his goggles...humm I guess because their was water.
It was so cute though.
Little Jett was turning red from the water being so cold but I couldn't get her out of it.
She loved every minute of it!
Kenzi and Drew

Kyron and Bryson
Cassidi and Braxton

Kali and Cassidi

As we were leaving Kooper said, "Mom, this was the best day of my life!
Ahhh, I love days like that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baseball and Softball 2010

The baseball/softball season is winding down.
We love to watch our kids play even when we have up to 8 games a week at times.
Kenzi loved playing (mostly because all her friends were on her team).
She didn't complain one time about going to practice.
In fact she couldn't wait for her practices or games.
It was so much fun to watch her.

We kept busy every game trying to keep track of Kali and Koop!
Busy, busy!
Kenzi just looks so little out there. But she reminds me all the time that she is almost 8!
She always has a smile on her face!
I love it:)

This year Kyron and Kason were in different leagues. Which made for alot more games but we love when they get to do their own thing. Kason was in the minors. He was the pitcher for his team. He has such a good stance and can throw some heat. When he wasn't pitching he was playing short stop. He loves to play and it shows.

Kyron plays in the majors and is also a pitcher for his team. He plays short stop as well. The older kids are really exciting to watch because they actually know what they are doing. It is more competitive which is exactly how Kyron is. He is a little hard on himself and wants to be the best. He has the best coach who has helped Kyron tremendously. He is so positive and hard on them all at the same time. We couldn't ask for a better coach.

Kali sits and screams, "go Yaya!" His whole team heard her cheering for Yaya and so now they all call him that. They do cheers for him and everything. He gets a little embarrassed but secretly he loves that she calls him that. He lights up whenever he sees her. It is so sweet!
All stars has began....Kyron and Kason will be on different teams which will be a little challenging during their games. They will be playing in Showlow which is an hour away. I just hope that they play at different times since it is just me. Luke is still in PA for another 4 weeks. That's what family is for though. They always support the kids and the kids love it when they have a crowd cheering for them.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trek 2010

This very LoNg post is especially for my trek family. I really wanted to take my big camera but I didn't think it would be too appropriate to have a camera around my neck and push a cart at the same time. So I found my 12 year old camera that fit in my apron pocket and took that one with me. So keep in mind the quality of these pictures as you look at them. They are really not so good. But I thought that it was better to have the memories than not. So here we go.....

I got asked to go on the trek a few months ago and I was seriously so excited. Luke was going to come also but then we found out the dates of the trek were the same time that he had to head back to Pennsylvania for the "rainbow gathering." He will be gone for 5 weeks. Anyway, I was sad that he wasn't going with me but I was still excited to go on the trek and for the experience that I knew I was going to have. I was a little nervous to be gone and not even have a phone to check on my kids, even one time. But to tell you the truth I knew that they were in good hands with my sister Amanda and sis-in -law Shana. I knew they were loved and very well taken care of. My kids love them and so I didn't worry at all. Anyway, back to the trek...

This is Ma and Pa Tenney.
I was so excited to be in their family.
They were so great.
We seriously had the very best family!
I learned so much from them.
They were just great examples and so fun to be around.

Plus aren't they so cute???This is our AWESOME family!

A few of my favorite people that weren't in my family!

Justin and Alisha

Me and Angie

Brian, Me and Daniel

Ashley and Brian

Me and Daniel

It was so cool to be able to walk around camp and go see my
brother Daniel and my favorite cousin ever, Brian.
It was seriously fun!
I loved it that they were there with me.

Words can't even express the tender feelings that I have for the this trek. Most of my thoughts and feelings are to personal to share but I can tell you that I loved my family. This is up there as one of the hardest things I have ever done. I know that so much time, thought and inspiration goes into the placing of each person in every family and I can tell you that I was right where I was suppose to be. It was so fun and amazing to see the different personalities and qualities that each one of my family members had. I grew to love each one of them. It is amazing to see how when times got tough we grew even closer as a family. I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of us and he answers prayers. He carried me when I was absolutely exhausted! I will forever cherish the friendships and relationships that I now have with my trek family. I loved every member of my family and grew especially close to a couple of them (you know who you are). I loved all of our long talks and the time that we got to spend with each other. We laughed alot. I know that I was sent to this family just for you guys. I love you! We had the best family and I am so thankful I was apart of it. The trek is a life changing experience and I will forever remember how I feel and will forever be thankful for the family I was in. You guys are the best! My testimony has grown and has left me a better person.