Friday, May 14, 2010

Haircuts and little piggies

Kooper was due for a haircut. I had made an appointment for him to get a trim. The day of his appointment he decided to get a head start on his haircut. He buzzed right down the side of his head. I actually was laughing because he was shocked at what he had just done. I also wasn't too upset because he was in need of a change. Before he had even took charge with the clippers I knew I was going to cut it because a few days before I was at the park with the kids when a lady there said, "your two little girls are adorable!" Really? He totally looks like a boy...and dresses like a boy! This isn't the first time that he has been called a cute little girl. So this is my sweet little BOY before his haircut.
And this is my handsome big looking BOY after his haircut.
(I don't like that he looks older)
I love that I can see his big blue eyes better now.
His hair is no longer in his eyes:) Both pictures he is in the car watching a movie. He thinks his sunglasses are on the right way. I have tried to tell him to flip them around but I think he looks cute so I quit telling him they were on upside down.

Then this is Kali Jett with here first little piggies. I knew her hair was long enough for them because Kenzi is always trying to put it in a pony tail but I LOVE her curly hair so I leave it down alot. I finally decided to "really" do her hair in little piggies. I think she looks so stinkin' cute and so does she. She walks around saying, "pretty." Kyron walked in the door from school and took one look at her and said, "Mom, take her hair out now, I hate it!" I said, "why?" Then he goes on to tell me how she looks big with her hair done like that and he wants her to stay little forever. I thought that was so cute. We all want her to stay our baby forever, but she is almost 2! So for now I leave her hair down as much as possible with her little curls in the back, so we can prolong her being out little baby.