Friday, October 29, 2010

It's is always something

Last week after Kenzi's baptism we were all over at my parents having dinner and just hanging out. Kooper was running from the dinning room into the kitchen and hit his head right on the side of my Mom's hutch. It knocked him to the ground. He came up jumping and screaming and crying. I picked him up, gave him a love and checked out the damage. His head had a major goose egg on it and it was bleeding. It was a weird looking bump. I hadn't quiet seen a bump like this one. Believe me I have seen about a million of them and most of them on him. He is one tough kid too. I know he is really hurt when he cries because half the time he doesn't cry and I think he should be. So I knew this one hurt him. After a little ice he was up and running again. This happened about 2 hours before bed. He went to bed easy this night because he hadn't had a nap. About 4 in the morning he comes into my room and says that his neck hurts really bad. I was in a dead sleep when he woke me up. I crawled out of bed with my eyes still closed and got him a drink of water. I asked him if that was better and he said yes. Then he snuggled right down next to me. He never said another word about it. The next morning I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth and I turned around to see Kooper standing there. He looked awful. He said, "Mom, my neck hurts." Oh my goodness it looked awful. His ear, neck, in front of and behind his ear was all swollen. It was red behind his ear too. Anyway of course I kinda freak out... but not out loud. I hurry and take him to Luke and show him. We decided that because it was on his face and head that we didn't want to chance anything. For those of you who know me I usually wait out going to the Dr. office unless it is an Emergency. Which Kooper's seemed to be. I was really torn though because it was our ward's primary program. It was going to be Kooper's first program and Kyron's last. I was really looking forward to seeing all my kids sing and perform their parts. Oh well. So I take him to the ER. We got right in. After the Dr. checked him all out he said that Koop had hit his head so hard that it had caused a hemotoma. Because it was on his head and has nowhere else for the bruising and swelling to go it tend to go toward gravity. Which explained the all the swelling and redness on his neck, face and ear. So they sent us home. Well I was relieved to know that it was nothing too major.
The Dr. asked him, "Did you just walk into the cabinet?" Kooper says, "no, I just wunned (runned) into it!"
I took these pictures on Tuesday morning.
It looks WAY better in these pictures but it still looked a little yucky and a little swollen to me.
Look at those beautiful blue eyes.
They just look like they don't feel very good.

It has almost been a week and he still looks about the same.
He woke up in the middle of the night saying that it still hurt him.
Then again when he woke up this morning.
He was crying saying that his neck hurts!
I can't even run water over it without it hurting him.
What do I do?
Should it take this long to heal?
Poor little guy.
I just feel so bad for him.
I hate it when my kids are sick or hurt.
I hope it gets better soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The big day

After almost a month after her 8th birthday Kenzi was finally baptized!
She was counting down the days.
(The date of her baptism was not our choice. It was the wards, so we just waited!)
She had been preparing for this special day.
She couldn't wait to have her Daddy baptize her.
I can't even explain how excited that she was.
She talked about it for weeks.
She practiced everything over and over.
She had a smile on all day!
5:30 couldn't come fast enough.
She wanted invitations so bad!
So we made these little ones up and she delivered them around.
She didn't want anyone to forget.
This day was SO important to her.
Isn't she so sweet!

We are so proud of her and her decision to be baptized.
She is such a special daughter of our Heavenly Father and he loves her so much.
As her parents we couldn't be prouder.
We got lucky with this sweet little girl.

We sure missed those that couldn't make it and we really appreciate those that did.
She felt so special and so loved.
She got so many special gifts and she cherishes each and everyone of them.
I will post pictures of her in her pretty dress later....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


All year I have tried to get a picture of these two but they refuse! So I did get this one but they have their "pre-season" jersey's on so they don't like it because it isn't their "real numbers". But hey, it's all I've got.

I must say that I am completely obsessed with watching these guys.
I LOVE it!
It is so much fun and they are SO good!
(hey it's my blog so I can brag, right?)
I have over 300 pictures of them ...making touchdowns, helmet smashing, smashing kids, tackling, running, getting hit, missing tackles, Kyron catching a punt return and then losing his shoe as he almost runs it all the way back, Kason hitting a kid so hard that the ambulance had to come get the poor kid (he was proud of that), Kyron being told by a ref not to hit so hard ?? Isn't this football? (he was pretty proud of that one too), high 5's, bumps, and jumps with each other, interceptions, almost interceptions, 2 point conversions and lots and lots of smiles.
(I think I will make another book of just football season.
I have too many fun pictures)
This has been such a good year and they have enjoyed every minute of it. This will be the last year for awhile that they will be on the same team. Which is good and sad for me. They have had such good coaches. They have really encouraged and helped my boys. I am thankful for all the long hours that they put into all these boys.

(notice the shoe)

You can always hear Kooper yelling, "Come on Kason get the ball or Kyron, come on run faster than that or hit that guy harder or GO ELKS!
He sounds like he is screaming into a megaphone but it is all him.
(Can almost drive me crazy he is so loud)

Well they have one game day (double header) left.
We are all a little sad except that we will have our Saturday's back to maybe getting a few things around the house done.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This fall

Kenzi decided to play soccer.
She was so shy and hesitant at first.
But she got a little more aggressive with every game.

I had to post this one because I thought it was hilarious.
She was about to get hit in the face with the ball.

Taken a little break.

We loved watching her.

We especially loved seeing her come out of her little shy shell a little bit.

It helped to have her good little friend Drew on her team.

We'll see if she does it again next year.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Greased pig

So I finally put my memory card in my computer, knowing that there was hundreds of pictures on it. As I was editing them I realized just how much happens in our lives in just a month or two. Events that we'd forget about if I didn't take so many pictures. I have my camera just about everywhere I go and for that my kids will someday thank me. I love all of our memories.

My parents ward was having a ward party and asked if we wanted to come. Kason immediately was in because he said, "they always have BEST ward parties. They are always fun." Which they really are. So I took Kason, Kooper and Kenzi (which later Kyron was wishing he had gone).

Here's Kooper taking care of business.

What really convinced Kason to go was the greased pig chase.
Whoever could catch the greased pig would get to take home the ham!
They released the little or not so little pig onto a softball field and it ran
wild as all the kids chased after it.
For some bizarre reason blogger is being dumb and I can't rearrange these pictures,
so here they are backwards.
After a few attempts Kason finally caught the greased pig.
He was determined.
If you look closely he is in the red shirt on the ground holding the pig.
Kooper and Kenzi even got in on the action.
Kooper got real close a few times
but when it came right down to it he just kept running.

Since the pig was all greasy, Kason got all greasy!

Then his name was called for the pie eating contest.
He was excited about that because this kid loves to eat anything,
but especially a yummy dessert.
My Dad got in on the pie eating contest also but in the middle of it he got
a pie thrown in his face:)
Kason ended up winning the pie eating contest too!
He went home with a yummy ham and a full stomach!
It was a riot and we had a blast.
Glad that my parents invited us.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Not again!

Last night Kason comes out to the kitchen and says, "If Kyron comes out here with a big huge bump above his eye, "IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!"
Yeah sure!
Kyron got a pretty nasty bumb again,...didn't this happen a few years ago
in the exact same spot?
Kyron didn't even complain.
He said, "it didn't even hurt at all."

He looks a little weird in this picture:)