Friday, February 11, 2011


This time of year is so much fun for our kids.
They love going to Sunrise.
(good thing it's free)

Koop is our little skier!
He LOVES it!
He can't wait for Saturday's to roll around.
When he is skiing he doesn't ever want to stop, not even for lunch.
He can go all the way to the top.
He says, "I have twintwips (twin tips) and I can ski backwards."
He is constantly practicing his 360 off my couch just like "his boys" do.
I think he is so cute!

Kyron gets to go skiing every Monday with the school, plus Saturday's with Luke.
Last week he got braces.
Talk about a dent in the bank account!
He has been getting the expected name calling, by us!
Brace face, train tracks, metal name it.
Kooper is the one who thinks it is so funny to call him brace face.
I doubt if I will ever get a picture of him with his teeth showing.
I think Kason may be our only one who won't have to get braces!
His teeth are perfect!
I hope they stay that way!
I think that Kyron and Kason look more like brothers now than they ever have.
It is totally the hair.
Kyron is giving longer hair a try.

Kyron and Kason have both been trying to master the 360 while skiing.
Kyron said he did a 540 this last Monday but didn't land it.
It is so fun to watch.
Thank goodness for video cameras!
I make Luke take my bloggie every time so that I can watch them all ski when they get home.
Maybe next year will be Kali's turn to learn and then we can all go.
I don't have a picture of Kenz but she is awesome!
She can totally hang, although she would love a girl to go with her.
She has been patiently waiting for Kooper to be able to go with her.
So now that he can go to the top she is happy!
She loves to go with Luke.
She is even starting to catch a little bit of air on some of the jumps.
She is very careful though and isn't a big risk taker.
She is perfectly fine just taking her time and watching everyone else do the crazy tricks.