Thursday, June 25, 2009

What we've been doing

A few of our family picturesAll the grandkidsIt was so hot outside!

It is Summer and we are definitely busy! We went to Phoenix for a few days with Luke's family and we had a blast. We missed our yearly trip to San Diego but we are already planning for next summer. So instead we went and stayed at a really nice water resort and had a wonderful time. It was fun to go and relax and enjoy each other. We got family pictures, ate good food and got lots of sun. The kids loved the huge water slides (so did Luke and I) and the little ones loved the water. Then this past week we went to the lake with my family. My brother Nate has an awesome boat and he gets these really nice houses right on the lake. So we all went and had more fun. The kids fished and fished and fished. They even went night fishing until 1 in the morning. Then got up the next morning at 5 to do it again. I am glad my brothers let them tag along because I am not crazy about fishing. We all had a great time on the boat (especially Kenzi). It is so fun to see everyone and have a good time together. I just wanted to give a little update on everyone since I am such a slacker and too busy to sit down and write about the things we have been doing.

Luke has been gone since June 6th. He was asked to go help with the rainbow people. Anyone who knows about the rainbows know that he is in for quiet a time. They gathered in New Mexico this year. By the 4th of July there should be 20,000+ of them there. He has been busy non-stop since he got there. He won't be home until the 10th of July. We miss him terribly but we don't have to much time left. We missed him when we went to Roosevelt too! He is so smart and good at what he does. They need him there. Chasing hippies is alot of work:) They do some pretty crazy things. He loves his job though.

I have just been busy doing the normal things that you do with 5 kids and no husband. I turned the big 30! Luke got me an amazing camera and I couldn't be happier with it. I love watching my house go up (pictures to come later). It is going to be absolutely beautiful. All I can say is my Dad is amazing (he's building it) and I love him! It is so fun to see my kids so excited about it too. I just love summer! It is my favorite time of year. After 1 1/2 years I finally changed my cell phone number from Nevada to Arizona. I still haven't changed my license, and it just expired (sshhhh) so I now have to.

Kyron made the baseball all-star team and is loving it! He is an amazing little pitcher and is learning all kinds of new things. The games start next week so we'll see how it goes. He is super competitive and loves to play. He is such a homebody and he has friends calling him all the time to go play but he rather hang out with me. He screens his calls (teeheehee). He is such a good brother. He loves Kali. He is very sweet with the little ones. He teases Kenzi relentlessly but I guess that is normal, right? He also has started the braces process. His teeth are super crowded so it is going to take awhile before he even gets braces but they are doing all kinds of work on his mouth. He has to have 4 teeth pulled and a bridge put in on the top of his mouth. The dentist said, "It is a good thing he is already cute but he is going to be a lady killer when he is all done!"

Kason loves hats and is trying to earn a new Boston Red Sox hat. He doesn't like the cheap ones, he likes the $40 ones. So he has been trying to earn money for this certain one. It is kinda funny. Everytime I ask him to help out he says, "can I earn money for that?" So he has been working all month to earn money for this hat. He is usually really helpful anyway but lately he has been extra helpful. He loves one on one time and he is really tenderhearted. He misses Luke terribly and has to talk to him everyday. He also loves Kali and has been paying extra attention to her lately. He is always worried about Kooper because he is always into something. He is an amazing little babysitter. He is Kyron's biggest fan and is excited for all-stars next year. Kason loves to watch Wipeout! He laughs and laughs. That show is a family favorite.

Kenzi is doing hip hop dance right now. She is still so deathly shy. So I really like it when she does something and she likes it. She wouldn't do anything if I didn't make her. She has gotten alot better though. She is sweet and plays with Kooper ALL day! He will do anything she tells him to do. She likes to pretend that he is her dog and he does it! She has a tender spot for animals. She begs for a real dog everyday of her life. She likes to play house and school or anything where she can be the boss. She loves to swim and loves to ride the tube fast on Uncle Nate's boat. She is just a little mommy.

Kooper is wild! He is so entertaining and keeps us laughing all day everyday. 2 weeks ago we went to two emergency rooms trying to get a rock out of his ear. They had to eventually send us to a specialist and he had to go to a surgery center to have it removed (LONG story). Will he ever learn? Probably not, but I am okay with that. He is just going to be our child that we spend lots of time in the ER with. Good thing I have good insurance. He is such a good boy but super busy. He loves Kenzi. He plays so good with Kali too! Whenever he is tired he says, "I wanna hold you." He loves horses and would ride one all day if he could. He is going to be our little cowboy, but he doesn't like boots. He rather be barefoot. His feet look so sad. They feel like leather. Oh, well! Last night he walked up to me with his hand down his pants and said, "Mom, I have a hole in my butt!" Kason, Kenzi and I were literally on the floor laughing. I just hope he doesn't put anything in that hole! He has a thing for putting things in the holes of his body! Yuck!

Kali is 11 months and is sweet as can be. She is weighing in at 15 1/2 pounds. She is just teeny tiny and petite. She loves to jump and clap her hands. She tries to follow Kooper everywhere. She adores Kooper. She loves to be popped on the tramp. Yes, popped! She giggles so hard. She also likes to wrestle with the boys, mostly Kooper. There is just something about him that she loves. Whenever she sees him she is all smiles. She isn't walking yet but is very close. She is a great sleeper, as long as she has her bed. She loves to eat. Her favorite is oatmeal and waffles. Anytime she hears the bath water she crawls as fast as she can to the bathroom. She loves baths. She is a total mommy's girl. She just can't get close enough to me, and I love it. She loves to snuggle. She loves to suck her two little fingers when she is tired or sad. We are all crazy about her.

So that is about all that we have been doing. We are excited about the 4th of July. We miss Luke but he will be home soon. I am really going to try harder not to neglect my blog. We'll see how it goes:)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

No More Secs

A funny little story about Kooper that I just had to share.
Whenever Kooper needs something or needs me and I am busy I tell him just a second or in a sec and hold up one finger (so I guess this is what I do). So the other day he was asking me for something over and over and I just kept telling in a sec over and over. Finally he holds up one finger and says, "NO MORE SECS MOM! (say it and think about what you just said) LOL
That definitely got my attention.
Seriously he makes us laugh all the time. Look at his sweet little innocent face and those super duper blue eyes and long eyelashes. Don't let them fool you because he is the biggest little stinker ever.