Monday, March 15, 2010

Yummy in the morning

Every morning after the older kids go to school Kooper LoVes to have hot chocolate and whip cream. Or should I say some hot chocolate with his whip cream. He tells me this whip cream is so "yummy in the morning." He just makes me smile. He climbs up on the counter grabs his favorite mug, a packet of hot chocolate and the whip cream. He sits at the bar waiting so patiently while I get it ready. " Not too super hot Mom," he says.

Also, over the last few years we have learned that on Sunday before church Koop isn't allowed to have his white shirt on until everyone is loaded in the car and we are all ready to go. If we put it on before it ALWAYS gets dirty. Somehow it always gets dirty, so we've learned. So right before we walk out the door we slip his shirt and tie on and head out. He usually gets dirty at church, somehow, but I at least I feel good that he was clean when he got there. Well this week we were driving to church and almost there when I turned around and almost died when I saw the whole left side of his shirt. It looked like his shirt had the chickenpox. Kyron had given him a little red gum ball to put in his pocket. Well he held it in his sweaty little hand for only a minute and by the time he put it in his pocket his gum ball was loosing the red color all over his hand. So as he tried and tried to get it his pocket it just got worse and worse. His shirt looked awful. I said, "what are you doing? Just eat it!" He started to cry his huge crocodile tears and he said, "I was saving it for after the sacrament like Kyron." I had to just stop myself and for a minute (only a minute)I didn't care about how red his shirt was. He actually knew what the sacrament was? I thought he knew but to actually hear him say it. Wow, what a sweet little mess. I just had to hug him and tell him it was alright. But for now on NO MORE gumballs at church....(kyron)! It actually was Kyron's fault but I couldn't get mad at him for sharing. I am sure that his teacher and everyone else that saw him probably thought I forgot to do laundry, (I do 2 loads a day) but believe me it doesn't matter. He always finds a way to get dirty. That's what I love most about him.