Friday, November 21, 2008

4 months

Look at that adorable little face. She loves to smile, so big! She is 4 months today. She is doing so good and getting too big too fast. She has turned into a great sleeper. Whenever she is fussy or tired I just lay her down on her belly, she finds her thumb and goes straight to sleep. I love it. She looks so much like Kenzi did when she was a baby. I still can't believe that she sucks her thumb, just like Kenzi! She loves to take baths and hates to get out of them. She talks alot and is on the verge of a belly laugh. She is just such a little peanut! She weighed in at 9 lbs. 2 oz. and is 223/4 in. long. She is still in the 5th percentile for her weight. She has dropped off the charts in height. She did pretty good with the shots and just cried for a second. Shots are never fun. Today she was so happy, smiling and talking and then all the sudden crocodile tears of pain were rolling down her checks. Her little bottom lip was out as far as she could get it. Poor little thing. I'm glad that part is over.

I AM SO BORED!! This is all I have heard from these 3 the last few days. They have had early release since Wednesday. I am sure I can find something for them to do.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little update on us

I haven't done very good blogging lately so I thought I'd do a little update on what we have been up to. A few weekends ago we had a visit from Papa, Nana, Aunt Shana and her new little baby Dallin. We had a fun day with them.

Here is Papa and Kenzi with the 2 new little ones,
Kali and Dallin.

Nana and Kason

Aunt Shana, Kenzi and Dallin

Papa and his two little grandbabies.

Luke and the Jett

Kooper doing his cute little smile in his big
boy underwear waiting to help me cook!

He can fall asleep in the funniest positions.
I love it!

Kooper is really into playing with ALL of his animals and building blocks.
He will play forever.
He gets so into it, and he is so serious about it.

Potty training with Kooper is going pretty well. Better than I thought it would. It started out that he was getting a piece of candy everytime he went and now he just goes. He doesn't initiate it himself yet, but he goes everytime I put him on there. It is such a nice thought that maybe just maybe he will be completely potty trained really soon. He loves to show everyone and everything that he can go potty. He gives high fives to whoever after each time. He is so funny about it. Obviously he loves to be naked but because we are potty training and we are just home all day I don't care if he is dressed or not. As long as he goes in the toilet!

Poor Kooper ran into the book shelf the other night.

He is one tough kiddo!

His whole forehead is just all bumps and bruises.

We found out that Kyron and Kason's teams both won on Sunday. They were super excited about it. I guess they were both really intense games. Kyron's team won with a minute and a half to go. Kason's team won the Championship game with 45 seconds to go! We are happy it ended good and that the season is over!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hard lesson to learn

As most of you know the boys have been playing football. They started in July and this weekend is the final game. They have worked super hard this season. They have been talking about this game all season! It is THE game. The games will be played in the NAU sky dome. It is a pretty big deal for these little guys. Anyway, they were at practice last night and they found out that both of their games will be played on Sunday. Kyron's coach has known that we would not be there if it was on a Sunday. So he put in a request weeks ago to play on Saturday. Obviously that request was not met. So he was great about understanding that Kyron would not play in the last game. Also Luke takes stats for Kyron's team so they are losing Luke too. Kason's coach on the other hand had no idea of our reasons for not being there on Sunday. So this was Kason's conversation with his coach.

Coach: Our game will be Sunday at 11 am so you need to be there at 10 am!
Kason: Coach, I won't be there :(
Coach: Why not?
Kason: Because it is on a Sunday. I go to church on Sunday.
Coach: What time?
Kason: I'm not sure.
Coach: Well dang it Kason!

We go to church at 1 pm but Kason told me that he didn't want to tell him what time we went at because than his coach would have said, "our game is before church". I thought that was funny. He just didn't want to have to explain anymore. We go to church and that is that!

They were definitely bummed last night. I was super proud of them for not asking questions or asking to go. They just knew that Sunday is out of the question. I can only imagine how their little hearts must feel because it broke mine. To have worked so hard on something for 4 months and then not be there for the final game. Not only the final game but Kason is playing for the championship game. They are undefeated! He stood up for what we believe and that makes me prouder than anything he could do on the football field. I know it isn't easy but it is worth it.

By the way, Kyron's team is no longer winless. They won one game, 31-0! It was very exciting!

We just had to tell them that there will be a next time. We are so proud of them and Heavenly Father is even prouder! But what a tough lesson to learn.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


(better late than never...his birthday was sunday)

Kooper is....
  • scared of spiders and bees
  • the worst sleeper of all
  • loves cha cha (chocolate milk)
  • cars and finding nemo (at the moment)
  • has to give each kid a hug and kiss before they leave for school and at bedtime
  • loves when Dad comes home
  • drags a kitchen chair all over the house to get whatever it is he is after that is higher than him
  • loves Kali and has never one time been mean to her (knock on wood)
  • he's FUNNY
  • loves baths
  • loves to play outside
  • oves sports
  • loves to do whatever the other kids are doing
  • loves to snuggle, he puts his feet in between our legs
  • rubs his feet together to put himself to sleep
  • hates to have me brush his teeth, he wants to do it all by himself
  • happiest kid ever (he says i happy)
  • isn't allhe tells everyone he loves them, blows them kisses and says Rock On (with a funny little hand gesture)
  • loves chips and gum
  • is always into something
  • is tough as nails...he hardly ever cries
  • loves to play with animals, trains and cars
  • loves the kids little pottery barn chairs..I think he needs his own
  • ALL boy
  • a mess
  • loves to wrestle and is kind of a bully

What would we do without him.

He is definitely the busiest kid I have ever had.

We just started the potty training and so far so good (sort of).

He didn't ahve any idea what a birthday was.

So it was funny when he finally realized the presents were for him.

His favorite part was blowing out the candle.

We love you!

Happy birthday Koop!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time in Vegas

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but we had a blast in Vegas.
We stayed with Daniel and Chelsee.
Kooper and Camdyn had so much fun together!

Sunee ended up having her baby the day of her shower!

I am so happy for her and her little family!

My kids were in heaven seeing their friends.

I kept hearing the whole trip how it just wasn't enough time!

I felt the same.

I really needed one more day to see her and everyone else that I didn't get to see.

I will be making another trip just for that!

I am so glad that Heather, Amanda and I went to dinner.

It was SO great to see them!

So next time we will have to have a big get together.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween update

The kids had fun carving THE pumpkin this year.
Yes we only did one because we were going to be gone for Halloween and besides that it was fast and easy. They pretty much did it on their own.
We are so glad that the Shepherds join in on the fun with us.
Kooper wasn't having it though.
He would just gag everytime he went near it!
So he just played the whole time. Kyron and Kason just dug right in!

Even Kenzi loved it!

We headed to Vegas Wednesday!
The kids had SO much fun seeing friends.
We sure are glad that we all got to trick-or-treat together!

Isn't Kenzi the cutest little witch ever!

Here's the crew...minus a few!
For weeks before Halloween we tried a number of costumes on Kooper.
He didn't like any part of that even a little bit.
So I brought this reversabile giraffe/lion jacket.
I figured if he ever did put something on it would more likely be a jacket
than a real costume.
He STILL didn't want to put it on...until he figured out that there was more to just wearing the costume.
There was candy that came along with it.
So he wore it and proudly held his trick-or-treat pumpkin and went door to door.
Here's Kali and Uncle Kevin

Happy Halloween!