Saturday, February 23, 2008

Careful what your kids pray for!

So the other day at lunch Kenzi was blessing our food and all the sudden she says, "and bless that my mom will have one more baby," she looks at me real quick with this look on her face like "whoops" then she hurries and finishes her prayer. I was trying not to let her see me laugh because her face was hilarious. I said," what did you say?" She said "I always say that but I usually don't say it out loud." I was cracking up. It is funny because lately the 3 older kids have been saying little things about one more baby!
As most everyone that knows us knows that we are done having kids. Well I won't go into too much detail but in January I went in for my yearly check up and was (to say the least) SHOCKED to find out that I was almost 3 months prego. No, I was not having any symptoms. I don't ever get sick, just tired but I blame that on Kooper being not a great sleeper. That was the very last thing in the world that I expected to hear. Well things were a little scary for awhile because I had an IUD in and thought I might miscarry after it was removed. We have been trying to get use to the idea of having another one for the last 5 weeks. I cried ALOT! I think that I was just having such a hard time because in my mind I was DONE. I had worked hard to get back in shape. I let Kooper do things that my other ones never did (like crawl in bed with us) because I thought he was my last. I was just done. I could go on and on but to sum it all up, I took Kenzi with me to the Dr. a few days ago and that is when she found out. The Dr. gave her a picture of the 15 week old baby and she was beyond excited. She just wanted to know if it was a girl baby or a boy baby. Then later that evening she showed the boys the ultrasound pictures and it took them a minute but when they finally figured out what they were, they were screaming with excitement.
The kids couldn't wait to call the family and tell them. They wanted to share it with all their teachers and friends as well but I told them to hold off for a few days. It makes me smile to see how excited they are about this new addition to our already big family!
The Dr. was really nice when he saw how upset and shocked that I was. He said something that I will have to continue reminding myself. He said, "you are meant to have this baby, there is no other reason that this happened except that you are meant to be a mom and have this baby." Luke and I have gotten over the initial shock and know that everything happens for a reason and even if we don't understand why, this little special spirit is meant to be apart of our family. It is funny how kids are so much more in tune than we are. Looking back at some of the things that my kids have said it is like they have known all along that we are suppose to have one more baby.
I like that my kids can spread the news because as all my friends know I am not good at telling stuff like this. So I am sorry if this is how you are finding out.
I get to find out in a little less than 3 weeks if it is a girl or a boy so I will keep you posted.

Happy Birthday Daniel, Dax and Trex!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a mess!

I can't remember my other kids being so so busy! I am sure they were, maybe it was just to long ago to remember. Seems like everytime I turn around he is into something new. I will get him down from on top of the kitchen table and I turn around and he is trying to get on top of the computer desk. He pushes chairs around to try to get up higher. He has a box of balls upstairs that he likes to throw downstairs. He really likes to dump the paper out of the shredder (it is always unplugged). That is the hardest thing to clean up. He likes to go into the boys room to get into all their "stuff." Then he runs out when he finds something that he knows he shouldn't. He has decided that he likes to play the wii with the boys. He knows if you try to give him a fake control. He wants to play with the real one right next to Kyron or Kason. He has to have the guitar to guitar hero strapped around his shoulder too. When the kids get home from school he pretty much just follows them around doing what they do. Kenzi will get out a gameboy and so does he. She will sit on the couch with it and so does he. He cracks us up that's for sure.

But what a little stinker! He is always getting into something!
He does keep us all laughing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Little toes

In our guest room we have big heavy glass closets. On the bottom of the doors there are wheels to roll it...anyway, Kooper loves to get in the closet and play. Well I was on the computer the other day and he was playing in there and all the sudden he was crying SO hard. I just knew what he had done. Sure enough he rolled the door right on top of his little toe. To make it worse I had to roll it off of it to get it out! OUCH! His toe nail finally did fall off. Poor little dude. It has got to be so sensitive without a toenail on it. He of course won't leave a band aid on it. His poor big toe on the other foot is finally healing from him dropping a Resolve metal bottle on it 4 months ago. It just looks like it's painted black!
I love little baby feet, even if they are all banged up!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Backyard fun

It has been so nice lately that the kids have been loving playing in the backyard.
My mom got the boys some skateboards for Christmas and they try and ride them all over. Even Kooper likes to try and hang with his brothers. Luke didn't want the kids having skateboards because he doesn't want them to think that they can be skaters(sorry if any of you are). I told my mom to get them because it keeps them entertained and they think it is fun. You should have seen the look on Lukes face when she gave them to the boys. We all thought it was hillarious. haha I can't help but laugh.

I remember when I was young, me and Misty use to get her skateboard and sneak Brandy's for me then walk all the way to my house up hill, sit on them and just ride on them downhill for a few blocks. Then do it over and over (do you remember that Mist). It was so much fun!

Kooper tries to ride too, he has had a few falls but it doesn't stop him. Kyron and Kason are so sweet with him. I love that he has great big brothers!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice Cream Sandwiches

are Koopers new love!
He will stand in front of the freezer and point and until we get him one.
What a stinker right?
He use to be fine just letting us break him off bites
and put it in his mouth.
Not anymore.
He wants to hold the whole thing and feed himself.
So I just put him in his highchair and let him go to town.
He will eat the WHOLE thing!

He feel asleep after he enjoyed every bite!
Kenzi and I were cracking up at him laying there sleeping.
So cute with chocolate and
ice cream all over the place.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Weekend

Was spent with Grandpa and Grammie.
We had such a super fun time seeing them.
It is always great to spend time with them.
The boys played lots and lots of basketball with Grandpa.
Kason has decide that he is going to go live with Grandpa and Grammie this summer and go camping every night. I said, "maybe you could go for a week or two." Kason said, "no, I want to go ALL summer!" I said, "what about me and Dad? We will miss you!" He said, "you won't be that far away, you can just come visit me when you are missing me." Hahaha.
I am happy to know that they aren't very far away and the kids will be able to spend time with them and go camping or whatever else they do.

I am glad that they got to come spend a few days and hang out. Kooper is growing so fast. They change so much when they are little, so I am happy they got to see him and the fun things he does.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Daddys girl

Last night was the Daddy Daughter dance and the school.
Can I just tell you how excited she was!
A few weeks ago when she brought the letter home about the dance,
she called Luke at work and said, "mark your calendar, we have a date!"
She has been counting down for this night.
Yesterday morning she layed out her fancy little dress and shoes on her bed.
She had me fix her hair "beautiful".
We painted her fingers and toes.
Then when Luke got home she picked out his clothes and got him ready.
She wanted to ride in his big truck.
It was the sweetest thing ever!
They got their
pictures, popcorn, chocolate fountain, lemonade and danced.
When they were finished doing that she said,
"we can go home whenever you want now."

So cute to see her and Luke have such a sweet night together.
He had as much fun with her as she did with him!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I won't go into too many details but I have had major problems with my computer and getting my pictures on it. I have lost so many pictures lately and I didn't want to risk loosing my Disneyland pictures so I waited until I got the problem under control.

Our Disneyland trip was AWESOME! The best part had to be when they found out where we were going. They asked where we were going right when they all got in the car from school and we told them it was a surprise. They made a few guesses like..

  • redrock
  • hiking
  • going out to dinner
  • camping

Then I put in a movie and didn't hear another word from them until we got to Baker, CA. Kyron recognized where we were and thought that we were going to the beach because this is where we always stop to eat. They were so excited thinking that we were going to the beach (had they NOT realized how cold it was outside..whatever).

Then finally I turned on my video camera and told them we were going to Disneyland! They all screamed and shouted with excitement. We were so happy to see how excited they were. I am so glad I caught that on video. Kenzi said she was most excited about the rides and seeing charaters. Luke and I laughed at her saying charaters. Where did she learn what a character was? The boys were just excited because it was our first time ever.

We went 2 days and it was the perfect time of year to go. We went on every ride at least 10 times and never had to wait. Kenzi became our little dare devil and went on every ride she was tall enough for in both Disneyland and California. Her favorite was Space mountain and Tower of Terror. She is crazy! The boys took off with Luke for awile and did big rides while Kenzi, Kooper and I did rides that both of them could enjoy. But it wasn't long until Kenzi was ready to meet up with the boys to go on "scary" rides. Kason is definatley much braver then Kyron. Kyron will go at least once and then be just as happy watching everyone else from the side. The boys thought it was GREAT that we ran into the Abbotts and that he got to go with Kyle on a few rides. Kason said next time he thinks it would be even funner to take a friend with him so they could go on every ride together:)

Being there just made me realize how much they are growing up and how they are just getting big and independent. Especially Kyron. It was a great trip overall. Kooper was much better than I thought that he would be. He was very happy just riding in his stroller with wide eyes staring at everything around him. I can only imagine how he will be IF we go when he is even a year older. Probably a nightmare.

The boys weren't interested in looking for "characters" or getting their pictures taken. So most of the pictures are of Kenzi. Beware there are lots of them. My favorite part was when Kenzi got to meet the princesses. She was the happiest little thing. The way she looked at the princesses was priceless and so sweet. They truly believe in them and it is so CUTE! Loved that part! It looks like Kenzi went to Disneyland by herself. I didn't get hardly any pictures of the boys (per their request).