Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tagged... all about my SO exciting self!

Thanks for this tag Kirsten. Now you will all see what a life I don't have...haha!

4 places I visit often

  1. my blog
  2. target
  3. the football field
  4. the park

I obviously don't go alot of places

4 people who call/e-mail, or text regularly

  1. Luke
  2. My Mom
  3. my siblings
  4. mother-in-law

4 favorite foods:

  1. Hot dogs (I know..right?)
  2. Mexican
  3. prime rib (maybe that should be #1)
  4. BBQ anything
4 place I'd rather be:

  1. I'm with you Kirsten, I would L O V E to be on any beach or any island reading the 5th book of Twilight!
  2. Shopping..but not until I lose all this baby fat!
  3. Visiting Las Vegas
  4. California, since we missed our yearly beach vacation there.
4 movies I'd watch over and over again:

  1. The Bourne movies
  2. Notting Hill
  3. Grease/Hairspray
  4. The Notebook

I actually like ALOT of movies. I am or use to be a movie buff before I had alot of kiddos.

4 bands/groups I like to listen to:

  1. Kenney Chesney
  2. Bon Jovi
  3. Aerosmith
  4. Taylor Swift
There aren't enough numbers for this one. I LOVE LOVE to listen to all kinds of music!

OK so I am a pretty boring person.

Now I tag...WHOEVER wants to do this:)


Jason & Claire said...

I love the Bourne movies too. I love these. You always find out the cutest little things about people.

Carol said...

it's nice to see that we ALL atleast visit our blogs and Target. They are the most important places in the life of a SAHM!

FrankNApril said...

You are so funny.. Hot dogs! Really? You are so funny! A good Hot Dog is good but your favorite food! That is cute! Hope u r all well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRON!!!! April

Kirsten said...

I have to admit that I love Hot dogs when it's summer time, and I LOVE Prime Rib! Yay, Bon Jovi!