Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I wanna play too...

Kooper cracks us up with his love for sports!
My other boys have always loved it too, but Kooper is so into it.
I'm sure it has ALOT to do with watching Kyron and Kason.
He wants to be big and be just like them.
He wants to play catch all day, and whoever is playing with him better have the glove on just right,
Or hold the bat just perfect.
He even likes to watch it on T.V.
I had to edit this picture because it was a full on front naked shot!

So the boys just started tackle football.
Kenzi started cheerleading.
She will be cheering for Kason's team.
SO cute!
Whenever we go to the practices (which have been 5 days a week, for 2 hours a day),
he just loves it and he plays football the whole time.
He thinks he should be allowed on the field with the boys.
He was taking his usual hour (or longer) bath, when I found him all dressed up and ready to play football.
By the way, when he takes a bath he plays for awhile and gets out for awhile, then he gets some animals or trucks and throws them in the bath with him and then gets out for awhile, until he has finally filled the tub up with all sorts of toys and is "DONE" playing.

His little tush and legs are so red from the water in the tub.

He likes his water toasty, because it has to last a long time while he takes his time getting in and out!

I just love it!

He makes me smile...ALOT:)


Carol said...

i can't believe you let him in and out of the tub like that! i'd go crazy, i can't stand the mess my kids make in the bathroom...ugghhh. you are definatly a more patient mom than me.

He looks so cute in his football gear! such a little guy.

Amanda said...

lol... I can't stop laughing. He is a crack up. I love it. I seriously can't stop laughing, I am about to pee my pants. Call me

Mandy said...

He is such a cute kid! I love that age too.

Colleen said...

He makes me smile every time I think about him, and that's so often during my day! what cute little cheeks!

Nikki said...

How cute. Carsen starts this month too. I can't wait. I wish I had a girl JUST for the cheer thing. They are soo cute:)

Nicki said...

Look at that bum! Doesn't get much cuter than that! How are you feeling? I hope you are recovering ok and getting some sleep!

Dustin said...

What cute pictures!! I'm sure he'll appreciate those once he's older!! You have such a cute family!

Dustin said...

What cute pictures!! I'm sure he'll appreciate those once he's older!! You have such a cute family!

Heather said...

Cute little buns....dontcha just wanna pinch em?

Chandra said...


Dawn said...

Love the naked bum, that's so cute!

Kirsten said...

That Kooper is sooo cute! He's getting too big! Love the bum!

Jaime said...

Love the cheeks! I'm not sure if you have sent out baby announcements yet or if you plan on it, but I'd be happy to make some for ya-digital announcements. Let me know.