Saturday, August 16, 2008

First day of school

Last Thursday was the first day of school for the kids.
They were so excited, especially Kenzi.
She went to bed early so she could get as much sleep as possible.
You know how girls are, she had her clothes layed out, lunch made and backpack ready!
She was counting down!
Well, she woke up SICK to her tummy!
Poor thing.
She still tried to convince me she was okay after she made a few trips to the toilet.
She didn't end up going until lunch time the first day.
(yes, I let her go sick and all)
I wouldn't have let her except that it was the first day.
She slept for 2 hours woke up and was ready to go!
Weird, she didn't feel sick ever again.
There's nothing like seeing her sad little face sick.
She was trying to pretend like she was fine.
I got my camera out and was going to take a picture of the 3 of them all ready,
I went looking for little miss Kenzi and this is what I found.....
She as just waiting to throw up again!

Handsome as can be! Here she is after her little nap.
She was so cute and excited to be going all day with her brothers.

Kooper was devastated that he didn't get to go.
When I took Kenzi to school, after she was done being sick,
I had to DRAG him out of the school.
I'm sure I looked like a real nice Mom.
I had Kali in her car seat in one arm and then I was dragging Kooper with my other.
He literally sat down in the hall, screaming Kenzi's name and he had his head in his hands just crying!
Then because it was Kyron's birthday and we took cupcakes to the school later that day,
we went through the whole kicking and screaming (for Kyron) all over again!
Lets just say we were glad when the kids got home.


Chailyn said...

You have been super busy!! The kids all looked so cute on their first day back to school. You need to write a book on how to be an awesome book. You make it look really easy and I know it's not.:)

Kirsten said...

I am laughing my head off. I can totally picture you dragging Kooper while holding Kali in the carseat. I've been there. You feel like the worst mom dragging your kid, but what else can you do?! And then you had to go back again for cupcakes! Your kids look so cute! We start school Monday! Yay!

Amanda said...

Poor little Kenzi. Glad she felt better to go. They look so cute. Kooper is such a stinker. I could totally see you dragging him and holding Kali at the same time. lol 5 kids huh? I think I might stay with 1. (if that)jk.

Colleen said...

Don't the boys look sooo handsome! I can just hear Koop screaming Kenzi's name. He does love his siblings! Bet you are missing the kids during the day... what's it like with just 2 home??? :)

Kasey Sass said...

Aww... Poor little Kenzi! She just looks so pitiful in that picture... little red fingernails and all. I'm glad she got to go to school on her first day.

Nicki said...

They all look so cute! Glad Kenzi made it for at least half the day. Today is our first day back and I am SO excited! Hope you can enjoy a little "quiet" time.

FrankNApril said...

I am sorry you had to drag him out of school! Poor you! Although I will admit I laughed! It is always funny when it's not your child! They all look so cute! We start on Monday! Have a good day! April

Dawn said...

Don't you love that underage jealousy. Little do they realize, once they start going to school, it's a LONG haul to the end! Kyle is figuring that out and he falls asleep at about 4:30 by Thursday and sleeps until the next morning! Ryan has his little cry every morning when the kids get on the bus!