Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice Cream Sandwiches

are Koopers new love!
He will stand in front of the freezer and point and until we get him one.
What a stinker right?
He use to be fine just letting us break him off bites
and put it in his mouth.
Not anymore.
He wants to hold the whole thing and feed himself.
So I just put him in his highchair and let him go to town.
He will eat the WHOLE thing!

He feel asleep after he enjoyed every bite!
Kenzi and I were cracking up at him laying there sleeping.
So cute with chocolate and
ice cream all over the place.


Chelsee said...

it's a lot of work eating an icecream sandwich;) so cute!

Jennifer said...

There's nothing like a full stomach to put you to sleep. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend!

Heather said...

Those pictures bring back memories. It's really funny watching them fall asleep with their heads bobbing all over the place. What a cute kid.
Glad you had fun with your parents.

FrankNApril said...

Aw- what a Q-T you have on your hands! April

Carol said...

He's workin' on his manliness... full belly, kickin' back and takin' a snooze!

Growin' Like Weeds said...

okay I lovewhen they are that tired! He is so cute!

Dawn said...

who doesn't love those? And the asleep in the high chair pics. Those are priceless.

Colleen said...

I could just kiss him all over those chubby chocolate cheeks!

Mandy said...

Those are the best pictures, what a cutie. Are you guys getting anxious to move, or dreading it? I can't believe how close it is!!

Jodi said...

Just another reason why kids are great. They don't need 5 pillows or a soft bed. When they're tired, they just fall asleep. No worries. Sometimes don't ya just want to be a kid again?
great pictures!

Jodi said...

Oh by the way, I love your blog. I will especially appreciate it when you move. we are going to miss you! I also have a blog that I occasionally post on if your interested.