Thursday, February 7, 2008


I won't go into too many details but I have had major problems with my computer and getting my pictures on it. I have lost so many pictures lately and I didn't want to risk loosing my Disneyland pictures so I waited until I got the problem under control.

Our Disneyland trip was AWESOME! The best part had to be when they found out where we were going. They asked where we were going right when they all got in the car from school and we told them it was a surprise. They made a few guesses like..

  • redrock
  • hiking
  • going out to dinner
  • camping

Then I put in a movie and didn't hear another word from them until we got to Baker, CA. Kyron recognized where we were and thought that we were going to the beach because this is where we always stop to eat. They were so excited thinking that we were going to the beach (had they NOT realized how cold it was outside..whatever).

Then finally I turned on my video camera and told them we were going to Disneyland! They all screamed and shouted with excitement. We were so happy to see how excited they were. I am so glad I caught that on video. Kenzi said she was most excited about the rides and seeing charaters. Luke and I laughed at her saying charaters. Where did she learn what a character was? The boys were just excited because it was our first time ever.

We went 2 days and it was the perfect time of year to go. We went on every ride at least 10 times and never had to wait. Kenzi became our little dare devil and went on every ride she was tall enough for in both Disneyland and California. Her favorite was Space mountain and Tower of Terror. She is crazy! The boys took off with Luke for awile and did big rides while Kenzi, Kooper and I did rides that both of them could enjoy. But it wasn't long until Kenzi was ready to meet up with the boys to go on "scary" rides. Kason is definatley much braver then Kyron. Kyron will go at least once and then be just as happy watching everyone else from the side. The boys thought it was GREAT that we ran into the Abbotts and that he got to go with Kyle on a few rides. Kason said next time he thinks it would be even funner to take a friend with him so they could go on every ride together:)

Being there just made me realize how much they are growing up and how they are just getting big and independent. Especially Kyron. It was a great trip overall. Kooper was much better than I thought that he would be. He was very happy just riding in his stroller with wide eyes staring at everything around him. I can only imagine how he will be IF we go when he is even a year older. Probably a nightmare.

The boys weren't interested in looking for "characters" or getting their pictures taken. So most of the pictures are of Kenzi. Beware there are lots of them. My favorite part was when Kenzi got to meet the princesses. She was the happiest little thing. The way she looked at the princesses was priceless and so sweet. They truly believe in them and it is so CUTE! Loved that part! It looks like Kenzi went to Disneyland by herself. I didn't get hardly any pictures of the boys (per their request).


Nicki said...

looks like you had a blast. I love the pictures of Kenzi with the princesses. Abby still asks to look at the ones we took of her. They do truly believe!! It makes me sad to think of her growing out of that stage.

Chelsee said...

Finally! I have been waiting! Looks like so much fun, now I have the bug to go. Camdyn loved looking at them, she clapped for every picture.

Carol said...

How fun. Glad your first time was a smashing success!

Jennifer said...

How fun! Kenzi looks like she's in heaven and Kason has gotten soo big. I wish I could have seen their faces when you told them I bet they were so excited. Harlee just asked me if she could draw Kyron a picture so look for it in the mail. I swear she just loves him. P.S. Is Luke O.K.?

Jason & Claire said...

Fun! Fun! I love that you surprised them and videotaped it. That is a great idea. Your kids are a lot braver than mine. Caleb won't even go on Space Mountain and he is 11! I tricked he and one of his friends into going on Indiana Jones and I thought they were going to kill me!

Markee said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! What a fun trip!

Dawn said...

how fun! My kids love disney Land. It's truly the happiest place on earth, except in October. They have "Gay Day". Just check your calendar if you plan an October trip...Every girl needs a princess moment, especially when she's surrounded by boys...glad you had a great time!