Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amanda's 22

22 things about Amanda

  1. She is the "baby" of the family and my only sister
  2. She loves Disney movies
  3. She gets picked on alot (and handles it great)
  4. She has big dimples
  5. She is funny
  6. She always sticks her foot in her mouth...always
  7. She is emotional (she misses us)
  8. She is great with kids
  9. She has great shoes
  10. She is thoughtful
  11. She loves to eat...sweets
  12. She always is doing kind things for others
  13. She loves to talk
  14. She likes to fart and burp (sorry but you do)
  15. She has big boobs
  16. She has an amazing husband (we all love him because he married her)
  17. She is a bit of an airhead
  18. She tries hard
  19. She laughs alot
  20. She is so much fun
  21. She is spoiled
  22. She loves me!

What would I do without her.

She is the best little sister ever.

She always keeps us laughing and is just super sweet!



Amanda said...

I do love to fart and burp! Better out then in. :) Thanks your the best.. Love ya and I can't wait to see you guys so I can stop being emotional for a few weeks haha

Jaime said...

I don't know how your mom managed to get two beautiful girls when some of us can't even get a fraction of the beautifulness!! Happy birthday Amanda!!!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Goof Ball! We all love your craziness! Cute picture of you guys!

Mutt and Karlee Hall said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE having sisters. Really, aren't they the best? I'm so glad you have Amanda- she is an amazing girl.