Tuesday, October 19, 2010


All year I have tried to get a picture of these two but they refuse! So I did get this one but they have their "pre-season" jersey's on so they don't like it because it isn't their "real numbers". But hey, it's all I've got.

I must say that I am completely obsessed with watching these guys.
I LOVE it!
It is so much fun and they are SO good!
(hey it's my blog so I can brag, right?)
I have over 300 pictures of them ...making touchdowns, helmet smashing, smashing kids, tackling, running, getting hit, missing tackles, Kyron catching a punt return and then losing his shoe as he almost runs it all the way back, Kason hitting a kid so hard that the ambulance had to come get the poor kid (he was proud of that), Kyron being told by a ref not to hit so hard ?? Isn't this football? (he was pretty proud of that one too), high 5's, bumps, and jumps with each other, interceptions, almost interceptions, 2 point conversions and lots and lots of smiles.
(I think I will make another book of just football season.
I have too many fun pictures)
This has been such a good year and they have enjoyed every minute of it. This will be the last year for awhile that they will be on the same team. Which is good and sad for me. They have had such good coaches. They have really encouraged and helped my boys. I am thankful for all the long hours that they put into all these boys.

(notice the shoe)

You can always hear Kooper yelling, "Come on Kason get the ball or Kyron, come on run faster than that or hit that guy harder or GO ELKS!
He sounds like he is screaming into a megaphone but it is all him.
(Can almost drive me crazy he is so loud)

Well they have one game day (double header) left.
We are all a little sad except that we will have our Saturday's back to maybe getting a few things around the house done.


Tori said...

This post makes me happy and sad. Happy because those guys are such studs! Haha they are great nephews and they look awesome in their jerseys. Sad because I am REALLY bummed we don't live close enough to come watch their games.

Melis said...

You've got some GREAT pics! I LOVE the idea of making a book just for football! Your boys would LOVE it forever! There's something about those colors that make me homesick...my kids will never wear them. The blue on the other hand? Well, that's what we'll be wearing. And that's OK. We are heading over there Saturday for our last game. Maybe we'll see ya!

Kirsten said...

I love all the pictures, but that top one is my favorite. I know what you mean about being sad it's over. I love watching Lincoln's baseball games. Luckily, that's year-round. I wish I could see Kyron and Kason play :)

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