Monday, January 26, 2009

Half a year

I can't believe that our little Jett is 6 months old!
Time passes so quickly.
She is just the sweetest little girl.
She never makes a peep unless it is necessary.
I so deserve her after having Kooper:)
The kids love to sit around and watch her.
She gets more snuggles and kisses than anyone.
She makes our life just that much better!
Kali loves to sleep and play.
She loves her little saucer.
She loves attention from all her siblings.
She lights up when she sees them.
She rolls all over the place.
She sits up with help.
She loves books.
I love her hair.

Kali Jett at 6 months
24 in. (7th percentile)
11.2 lbs (3rd percentile)
I seriously love that she is staying so little for so long.
She is my baby and I love it!


Jason & Claire said...

I absolutely love that your baby is so little and sweet. She's absolutely precious!

Kirsten said...

6 months already??? Wow! She is soooo cute. Only 2 of mine were little like that. It was really fun having them stay babies for such a long time. I can't believe she's only 11 lbs. That's so little! You should have another one. :)

Mandy said...

She is so fun and sweet. glad I get to snuggle her more often now!

Mutt and Karlee Hall said...

I can't believe she is that old already! I took Bosten to is 2 month check-up today and he is 13 lbs & 1 ounce! I can't believe how much bigger he is than her. I love that she's a sweet & precious dainty girl! Does she remind you of Kenzi? She does to me- Anyways, I miss you and I promise I will call you when I go to Show Low..hopefully it will be soon! We have so much to catch up on! (oh and Kira had her baby last week. He weighed 7 lbs 10 ounces!

Jess said...

She is adorable! I love her hair too, it is so cute. It is hard to believe she is already 6 months old.

Nicki said...

She is SO teeny! How fun! She's a doll. Claire is jealous of the hair, she can't seem to grow it on top. I think she's going for the mullet look. Anyway, we might be able to do pony's someday, I HOPE! Kali is precious!

Melis said...

Seriously Linde, I have a friend whose baby was 10 lbs 5 oz and 23 inches long at BIRTH! Wow, she's tiny! And Adorable.

Amanda said...

She is a doll... I miss holding her. She looks just like Kenzi! I can't believe she is already 6 months....

Sunee said...

Melinda, it makes me miss you guys. Quit showing cute pictures.
Love you and miss you!!!1

Dawn said...

wow, that did go by fast. I love that she's so little, so sweet! I love the tiny little piggy on top! She looks like her daddie...

Chelsee said...

I can't believe she is 6 months already! She is so cute!

Carol said...

she is SO tiny!
just goes to show...good thing WE are not in charge or you wouldn't have this little angel in your family!

Nikki said...

Your baby is so cute. Everytime I look at her I see Kinzy :) I didn't do Mandy's D but I can make you one. If you want me to let me know what colors and if you want like a block letter or a more fancy font. I will do it for $13 if you think that is fair. Let me know.

Soares Family said...

Totally Kenzi #2!! So adorable! And like their mommy too!