Monday, September 20, 2010

Physical Health

Kyron gave his first talk ever yesterday in Sacrament Meeting.
It was on Physical Health.
He gave his talk like an ol' pro.
I was so proud of him.
He wasn't even nervous.
He was my hero yesterday.
He sounded so confident and sure of what he was saying.
He has Luke in him for sure when it comes to speaking in front of others.
I was nervous for him all week, cause that's what I do.
Grandpa, Daniel, Chelsee and their girls came to listen.
(Grammie is in Vermont)
He was so excited to have their support.
First, I watched him pass the sacrament
and then as he was giving his talk,
I almost just started crying because he is mine and he is such a good kid.
It was for sure one of my proudest moments.
He did such a fantastic job and I am so proud of him.
I love him so much!


Tori said...

I heard he gave a great talk! Good job Kyron. He is such a fantastic kid. We sure love him!

Shannon said...

Crazy! I can't believe he is old enough for that! I probably would have cried!

Amanda said...

Dad said Kyron did better then some missionary's. I bet he did. He's the best kid. I would have cried if I was there, I'm so glad he's my nephew :)

Mandy said...


Colleen said...

way to go Kyron! You have a great Mom and Dad!